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Welcome To Findadeath!

Greetings and Salutations.

You have arrived here because you want to email me: great, I do love hearing from you.

I created Find A Death to present facts surrounding certain celebrity deaths which interest me.  That it turns out to be of interest to others (thousands of hits a day!) is a bonus. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.

Articles include my personal commentary about public figures and events surrounding their demise, some of which I understand may be deemed controversial for the non-Death Hag oriented.  I am no different in person than I am on the internet, I say what a lot of people think but don't type.  What you read is what you get so if my take on stories and/or vocabulary unnerves you then kindly Google for information elsewhere.

The majority of the feedback I receive is positive, from like-minded Death Hags requesting specific profiles not already included here or to offer additional trivia to current pieces.  Thank you for the input, even if I can't fulfill each and every wish.  Constructive criticism is also noted whether I agree with it or not.
"I've been reading (Find A Death) for years!  I hate that guy!  He should be shot!" ~ Glenn Quinn fan on
If you're inclined to write hate mail, first please keep in mind that you've brought yourself to me, and a website called FIND A DEATH.  I research and report on death related information you won't get anywhere else.  If the material and/or my editorials offend you then please take responsibility for your own internet surfing habits instead of blaming the messenger.  God gave us a little X in the upper right hand corner of your monitor for a reason, use that instead of the book marking tool.

Please do us both a favor, use spell check. You won't look nearly as stupid when I publish it.


Then there are the homophobes who think my being gay has anything to do with this hobby - privately bashing me with letters that, ironically, most people would consider to be far more offensive than anything the 'authors' find objectionable about my website.  The mind boggles.  You don't ruin my day and your bigotry just makes you look silly.  It won't ever stop me from doing what I do or being who I am.  Deal with it.
FAQ Answers:
  • I can live with myself quite easily, thank you.
  • Yes, I have lost loved ones that were close to me.
  • No, I don't like gruesome pictures, unless they are of famous people.  I am not interested in places like or I have no problem with either of those websites, but plain old gore, is not my gig. Now, if it were Marilyn run over by a train, I'd be there in a heartbeat.
  • Speaking of, the reason I don't include Marilyn is simple.  Too. Much.  Information.
  • I encourage anyone unhappy with my site to start one of their own.
  • Yes, I was. For five years.
  • She is no one. I swear.

I hope you understand.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2007 - I can no longer answer emails at all.  Its become too time consuming, and I just feel crappy when you send nice mail, and I can't answer it.  Feel free to join the new Message Board and you can talk to other nice folks like us.  I'm in there a lot too.

You can still email me a note as well.  Thanks.