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Whenever the discussion of death comes up with my family and friends, this is the first – and mostly only – website I show them. I’ve loved this site for years, and have a soft spot for Scott Michaels, as he comes from the same area (Michigan and suburban Detroit area). Love the new look to the site, and thank you again for what you offer to Death Hags around the world! love you!




I love the look of your website, much better format and user friendly.. Great Job!




Sean Bozarth,


I feel a bit cliche’, as I am not always the best of expressing myself in words, but I just absolutely love your site, and the YouTube videos!

It is also nice to see another not so typical gay guy! I am the only one of my friends, including my husband, who is into the slightly morbid!

When I am a bit stressed, your site is my go to for a little relaxation!

Thank you!



Gerald The Hedgehog,

Great work in getting some of the old stuff back Scott! Whenever I am fed up with work I always check out your site – always cheers me up!



Sheila Brown,

See what happens when you disappear for a while ??? I miss the old page, but THIS one is great !!! Missed you guys (Yeah…As YOU do…) and can’t wait to look all over the place.



Jeff Davis,

Scott, I love your site! Very good read and informative! And hilarious! I like it when you put in a quote about what bizarre thing a famous person does and in parentheses you put ( as you do).

You make your factual stories about famous people hilarious! I watched your Dearly Departed tours on Jordan the Lions YouTube videos and I’ll have to take your tour if I ever come down to SoCal, keep these findadeath stories coming I enjoy them!



Debbie McNair,

I love love love this site & it is so interesting. I’m planning to take a trip to Hollywood in the next year or so & I fully intend to take your tours & visit as many places & cemeteries as possible. Best site ever! Thank you for providing so much intriguing information!



Peggy G,

I was hoping you could some information on Charles Bronson ( you know the “death wish” guy) He was an interesting person, I heard once that he walked up to a guy at a party and told him he was going to marry his wife… and did…



Wendy Long,

Hi Scott,
Let me start by saying I love your site and your added comments always make me laugh. Some of your comments about your childhood sounds like you are around my age. If not, I sincerely apologize, I was born in 1965. Do you remember “The Banana Splits?” They were my favorite as a child. Have you seen the trailer for the movie where they kill people? It looks like a “5 Nights at Freddie’s.” I seen the trailer last night and thought there goes my childhood. My 16 yr old daughter thinks all the shows from my childhood were creepy. Bwt, I rented the movie “Tommy” (The Who), my daughter said that is where serial killers get their ideas. Lol.

Can’t wait to see more on here!
Your fan,



Doug Fischer,

Love the content, I think I read the entire directory. I think my fav is the one you did for your friend. I dont recall his name, the guy you used to party and ride around in a pos car with. Do you take requests? David Carradine, why dont you have one on him? He seemed to have a very interesting life and death.




One word: Brilliant




I love your site! Scott is awesome and I follow him on FB too because I enjoy his posts and humor. Thanks for the great site, Scott!




My good friend turned me onto FAD about 5 years ago. I am not necessarily fascinated with death or dying, I am fascinated with people’s real life stories. It just so happens that people in the entertainment biz or those close to it, are good reads!! When reading anything, I want the goal to be learning about something I didn’t know previously, and your site IS THE BEST FOR THAT. After reading about someone, I always send a blessing to them. My favorite story so far, as been about the late, GREAT Freddy Mercury…. I am a HUGE fan. I will always come back, because there will always be something to read about here. KEEP IT UP FAD….. Blessings to you!!




Scott- Been a long time viewer (since 1999!) and I’m glad you and FAD are still around! Love the new site design! Keep being amazing!




I love this site, I’ve found people on here I didn’t know had passed. Scott is very funny and reminds me of my sister and her wife telling jokes. My 16yr old daughter thinks I am morbid for looking at these things, I jokingly tell her I am 54 and close to death myself. Which brings me to a question, is Scott around my age? Because of some of his comments when he was a kid sounds like when I was a kid too. Keep up the good work Scott, you always make my day. Wendy




Scott you totally rock. I love this webpage and I’m glad you updated it.




What makes this site great is that it’s really not about death – it’s about the lives of these celebrities, and their stories transforms them from glossy image to real and human.




BEAUTIFULLY done! Functional and super easy to navigate!




Thanks for all that you do for all of us Death Hags!




Awesome! Super user friendly & I love the links to shop and book a tour! Fun AND factual site! Kudos!




This is fantastic! I love it!!




Find a death has been my favorite since 2006. I’ve read every one at least ten times…