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Latest Additions and Updates

Dearly Departed Newsletter- Tonight on Coast to Coast AM

  10/03/2019 Tonight on Coast to Coast AM and other October “LIVE” events with the dead.     TONIGHT  –


My Old Job

  The Death Tour returned to Hollywood in 2004         Before I moved to London, I ran


The Diarrhea of Anne Frank

  Anne Frank was a fame hag.  She plastered pictures of movie stars all over her walls. She died.  This


The Silence of the Lambs Location

  Findadeath.com friend Jennifer Russell sends us this picture of a bridge used in the film.  The Bellaire footage is


Harry Potter Locations

  EVERYONE is anxiously awaiting the new Harry Potter movie, due out this November.  I did a little research about it


More Harry Potter Locations!

  Harry Potter Land     With all the hype surrounding the upcoming Harry Potter movie, I did a little


The Beatles’ Liverpool

  I was in Liverpool a couple of years ago, and took some shots that you Beatle fans might enjoy.


This Blows

    This was my Christmas card last year.  I swear it’s for real.  These three people suck.    


Nice Celeb, Bad Story

    Most Americans wouldn’t recognize this woman.  Her name is Barbara Windsor – a national treasure in England.  A


But If You Please …

  My brother, two sisters and I went on a trek to Liberal Kansas – to meet the Munchkins.  It