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Welcome to Find a Death. This website contains information and pictures on the lives and deaths of celebrities written by Scott Michaels among other contributors. The easiest way to look for a celebrity is by using search. However, if you would like to browse the list instead then please go to The Directory. Also, check out the Fun Stuff section for stuff that really doesn’t fit into anywhere else on the site or go to the Videos section to watch some Dearly Departed videos and maybe visit the YouTube channel for even more videos after you leave here. Want some entertainment while you are browsing the list of celebrities? Check out the Dearly Departed podcast here and listen to historian Scott Michaels & filmmaker Mike Dorsey’s past and present podcasts. While you are at it, surf on over to Angrygirl Wear to stay in style and order some cool t-shirts because you need more anyways. It’s angry clothes for angry people! Last but not least, if you are in the area or soon will be, make Dearly Departed Tours & Museum one of your priority of destinations. We guarantee you will not be disappointed! And once done, you can scratch it off of your bucket list. It also goes for a nice romantic date and gives you something to talk about at the end of the night. Even if they never call you back. Thanks for being a part of Find a Death and enjoy the site.


Update 12/07/2019:

The forum is now up and running. We are still working out issues. Avatar pictures do not show as of yet. There may be other problems as well. We are going step by step to fix these issues. But you should be able to navigate and get to the info you need.

You may now leave your comments on individual pages of Find a Death. You do not have to log in or register. However, comments will be put on hold until accepted. Once a comment is accepted, it will show up on the page. Spam and negative comments will be annihilated. General comments about Find a Death are now located on the Shameless page. If your comment is about a specific celebrity than please add your comment to that celebrity page. You may search for the celebrity or go to our directory. The comments form will be located at the bottom of the page.


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Say Hello to the death of Carol Channing


Carol Channing
Carol Channing



Dearly Departed Newsletter – Black Death

  12/05/2019 Black Death   If you’re reading this email right now, we’d like to thank you. This time of


Carol Channing

January 31, 1921 – January 15, 2019 To describe someone as “one of a kind” can sometimes be an understatement. 


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Dearly Departed Newsletter – Death Houses For Sale and a Housewife

  11/26/2019 Death Houses For Sale and a Housewife   There must be something in the air because two more


Relax A Cizor

  Discovered an amazing machine yesterday. The ultimate exercise machine. Eat your HobNobs and firm your tummy.      


Jaws! – Bruce The Sharky

  My pal Jak Castro sent me this:     The shark is from the Universal Studios park. It was


Site of the McDonalds Massacre (Not Fun)

    Before anyone jumps down my throat, this is not FUN, but definitely a place of interest to us. 


Two of My Favorite Hollywood Personalities

    When I worked in Hollywood, two local characters were always about.  Above is Dorothy, known affectionately as “The


The Coolest Dog In The World – My Old Best Friend

    This is my best friend, Osito.  He is the coolest dog in the world, and lives happily in

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Postcards From The Edge – Film Location

    Remember in the film Postcards from the Edge, Shirley MacLaine hit a tree when she was drunk?  This is