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The DEATHS of The Cast of STAR WARS!

Pugsley from The Addams Family’s grave opened on Halloween

Michael Jackson’s Death – Scott Michaels Goes Undercover on a Hollywood Tour!

1928 St. Francis Dam Disaster Ruins – Hundreds Perished – Then & Now

Judy Garland’s New Grave and Surf Music King Dick Dale – Hollywood

Bela Lugosi Death Dracula – Redd Foxx and the MYSTERIOUS Lava Lady!

TV Icon Joan Davis’ DEATH and the TRAGIC FIRE that Killed her Family

Helter Skelter! Vincent Bugliosi, Charles Manson Prosecutor Death

Movie Locations Baby Jane, Galaxy Quest, Desilu, Tarantino, Burlesque

Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park DESTROYED! Statues Gone

Rosemary and Leno LaBianca’s Lives & Funerals – Manson Helter Skelter

Scandals, Slasher Movies and Hookers – Scott Goes Street Walking

The Search for Naya Rivera – Glee Actress Drowning – Lake Piru

Gilda Radner’s Detroit Childhood LIFE and Los Angeles Death – SNL

Lennon Sisters Tragedy – Stalker, Murder – Lawrence Welk Singers 1969

Steven Parent – Manson Victim – His Life and Death – Helter Skelter

Jay Sebring – Hair Stylist Murdered with Sharon Tate – Helter Skelter

Death of Florence Ballard – The Motown SUPREMES TRAGEDY

Superman DIED in a Shoe Donation Bin – Hollywood’s Christopher Dennis

James Dean’s Accidental Killer – Donald Turnupseed – Car Crash 1955

The Incredibly Gruesome Murder of 12 Year Old Marion Parker

The Life, Death and Grave of John Phillips of The Mamas & the Papas

Frank Sinatra’s New GRAVE STONE – Plane crash! His mother killed!

Nancy Kulp Jane Hathaway Beverly Hillbillies – PRIVATE LIFE and DEATH

Dean Martin’s ABANDONED Palm Springs Home Hideaway¬† – The Rat Pack

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Dinosaurs – LARGE MARGE Valentine’s Day Cabazon

Artifacts from The FINAL VOYAGE of RMS Queen Mary CUNARD 1967

INSIDE Cecil Hotel ELEVATORS and ELISA LAM’S ROOM – Ghost Adventures

I Love Lucy Deaths and Scandals!

Life In Palm Springs and a Few ARTIFACTS! Paul Walker, Brian Jones

Hollywood Tattler! Tabloid – January 1970 Manson, Jackie O Scandal!

Dark Side of Hollywood with The DailyWoo

Scott Michaels Interviews Virginia Graham Who Broke The Manson Case

Dearly Departed Tours honors the Mighty Michu with a Permanent Home

Scott Michaels Live (04/18/2019)

Scott Michaels interviews Kelly Rooney daughter of Mickey Rooney

Officer Wills Interview with Scott Michaels about Charles Manson

Lorelei Shark Interview – She IS The Rocky Horror LIPS

Scott Michaels Interviews Marilyn Monroe’s Funeral Embalmer Allan Abbott

Scott Michaels interviews actress Terry Bolo



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