Fun Stuff

Click on the links below to see things that don’t really fit in to the death thing, yet are strange or interesting enough to be included in this site.  At least I think so.


Another Dream Come True

Letter From The Edge

I Need A Drink

Double Indemnity

Separated At Birth?

The Gate To Hell

The Changing Face of Tom Cruise

Audrey.. Lovely Audrey – Audrey Hepburn Chalk Drawing

AAHHH!!! Real Monsters

Scary Liquor

Fresh Tree Down

Where Is The Rest Of Him?

And The Most Popular Name Goes To…

Lucky Bastard

King Kong – What Happened to Fay Wray?

Sunset Boulevard Film Locations

Villa Capri Restaurant – Dean Ate Here

Damn Fancy – Reba


Halloweenie – More Halloween

Roddy Night – What A Painting!

We Love Us Some Richard Simmons – A Very Happy Man

MM Revealed – Scary Marilyn Monroe Statue

Scarilyn Monroe

Questioning… – Freaky Ponder

Shooter – Geyser

The Koo Koo Kookiest

One Ringy Dingy

Marvin Gaye – Dead Mans Booze

Me Tarzan – Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Film Location

When It’s Ajar – The Doors, What Happened To The Morrison Hotel?

I Was Minding My Own Business – Silly Things I have Seen In Hollywood

Hide The Sausage – Tail o’ the Pup San Vicente Pinks Hot Dogs

Reesey Piecey 2 – In August 2005

My Kind of Newspaper

Ghost Adventures!

Eye See Jesus

Leeza Gibbons – Death Hag

BAD WAX Department

Estate Sale SCORE

UN PC – Gift Tag Department

UN PC – Blow Up Doll Edition

UN PC – US Postal Service Edition

UN PC – Warner Bros. Edition

The Brown Derby at Hollywood and Vine

Six Million Dollar Dearly Departed Tour

Needles and Pin-sa – Hellraiser Movie Location

Ruined Another One – The Madison Theatre

What Would Gladys Do? – ABNAHH!!!!!!!!

What Wood Glenda Do? – Glen or Glenda Movie Locations

My Mind Just Shut Down – Scary Ventriloquist Dummies 

Pink Explosion – Pinky Flips Her Lid

1.828,800,000,000,000,2 Meters – Six Feet Under Locations

Death Hag Blighty – On March 16th, 2008

Disappearing Icons – Vegas Showgirl Statue at the Chateau Marmont and Bullwinkle Tribute

What The Hell Is In That Purse? – Attention Whore Angelyne Pink Corvette

Honeymoon in Hell – Stephen King’s Home in Maine

Chasing Elvira – Elvira For Sale

Death Hag Motown 06 – Death Hags In Motown On the 23rd of December 2006

Going Home – Revisiting The Past

Galaxy Quest – Walkin’

Finger Lickin’ Good – Chicken Boy Re-Erected

Saw It In The Window – Gone With The Wind

Let’s Talk About Your Big But – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Movie Locations




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