But If You Please …


My brother, two sisters and I went on a trek to Liberal Kansas – to meet the Munchkins.  It was a trip, in every sense of the word.  Had a lot of fun tho.  This is my sister Lauren,. with me and Margaret Pelligrini – one of the sleepyhead Munchkins.  When I was living in LA, Margaret came to visit me in my house, and peed in my toilet.  I kept this picture on the tank until I moved.  I should have taken the seat with me.



This is me, Lauren again, my brother Rick and sister JoAnn.  The little guy in the middle is the Munchkin coroner Meinhardt Raabe.  He was a nice guy, and used to drive a wiener.  This isn’t his real costume, but one time I did get to put the real Coroner hat from the film, on my head.  That was cool.  Hey, I just noticed.  No facial hair.  NEVER again.





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