Disappearing Icons


In 1957 a billboard was erected on the Sunset Strip to promote the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas.  It was of a showgirl that rotated.  Love.  It is of course, long gone.  I found recently these two pictures of the fiberglass beauty.  After she was taken down, the famous Marlboro Man was put there for a little over 10 years.  When smoking was deemed uncool, a beer bottle and now a vodka bottle adorns this locale, just across from the Chateau Marmont Hotel.



In 1961, just across the road, were Jay Ward’s offices.  To commemorate the launch of  The Bullwinkle Show, they erected a statue to spoof the one across the road, of Rocky and Bullwinkle, which still stands there today.  Stop and see this treasure before they make it disappear.  There are no plans for this, but it is inevitable.


(thanks Jo Jo)


Read its history here.

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