It’s the New Zoo Review! – The Old Los Angeles Zoo Griffith Park



My buddy Colm turned me on to one of the coolest things in LA ever ever ever.  Apparently a million years ago, the Los Angeles Zoo used to be in a different location than it is now.



Fortunately for us, the old location is now a picnic area very close to where I live, and you can hang near these old zoo ruins.

I quite enjoy a spooky adventure, and this place has it all.  The fake caves are pretty cool,



and they have the scary steps behind them,



that lead up to the scary area behind.



Then there is a scary Blair Witch building that I’m sure they killed people and animals in.



Behind this building is a pen type place where I am positive they did chemical experimentation on people there.



Here is some sort of building ruin, and an extremely frightening trail to hell.



I don’t really know where it leads, but I prefer to believe it leads to hell.



I love Los Angeles, and I can’t wait to go back to these horrible places.

This Sunday, March 6, 2005 – at about 2pm, join the Death Hags at the zoo for a picnic.  Bring a lawn chair, sangrich or whatever – and just hang.  Or explore.

Keep in mind that this Sunday is the  LA Marathon.  Los Feliz Boulevard heading East towards the 5 is always a nightmare, so plan your trip accordingly.  See you then then.




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