Yellow Moons, Pink Diamonds – Cloverfield Movie


I saw Cloverfield when it first came out, and I really enjoyed it.  It was pretty universally panned, but it made a lot of money, so someone must have liked it.  Completely unrelated, I saw I Am Legend and had to leave.  I am just too old to deal with the stress that movie gave me.  It was the third time in my life I walked out on a movie. There is no rhyme or reason to it, except New York under siege from aliens is easier for me to cope, than zombies that move way too fast for my liking.

Back to Cloverfield:

I love it in LA when they have props from movies that make appearances here and there.  To promote the flick, they had the headless Statue of Liberty in the forecourt of the Chinese Theater.



My pal Mike at Paramount introduced me to the severed head of Lady Liberty.
Gimme hed till I’m ded.




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