Say What? – I Love Disaster Movies


I love disaster movies, and have this fantasy that when I die, it will be in a roller coaster accident.  I remember distinctly when the movie ROLLERCOASTER came out (in Sensurround no less) and was really thrilled with it.  Well, my buddy Brian, who shares the same fascination with me, we bought the dvd and watched it the night before we went to Magic Mountain, a few weeks back.  Snoozer.  It should have remained a memory – however – I took screen grabs and took some before and after snappy snaps for you guys.

According to a few sources, it seems that Magic Mountain is closing forever, at the end of this season.  If that is the case, RIP.



This is where the finale took place.  I’ve read on one or two online resources, that there is a plaque commemorating this movie being filmed there, but I’m here to tell ya, it ain’t happenin.




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