Karma’s a Bitch – Diana Ross Gets a DUI Arrest



Diana Ross makes findadeath again – for no good reason.  Seriously.  Flo is probably just sitting back and watching.  Not happy, but not frowning either.  So, the Damn Biss was busted a while back, for a DUI, juicy details available from our friends at The Smoking Gun.  Recently, findadeath friend David Pannell sent me the photograph of the Blockbuster Video, mentioned in the story.  Dave also quipped, “What was she doing, returning a copy of Lady Sings the Blues?!”



Her old house on Maple has been torn down last month – not that it was very nice or exceptional – but at the rate houses are coming down in Beverly Hills, soon there won’t be a home older than 10 years.




One thought on “Karma’s a Bitch – Diana Ross Gets a DUI Arrest

  • November 1, 2020 at 9:35 pm

    Fuck her! I love to see her getting hers. Poor Flo ❤️

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