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Scary Marilyn Monroe Statue


To refresh your memory, check out the worst Marilyn in the world, then return.  Okay.  Back yet?  Great.  So findadeath friend Michael Sean emailed me, to let me know that this particular Marilyn Statue is anatomically correct.  I refused to believe him, and demanded proof.  Michael’s reply was, “Okay, I can’t say that I blame you! Next time I’m at that store, I will take my digital cam, and get as many shots as I can! Of course, I do run the risk of looking like some sort of voyeur/pervert and getting arrested! But, I see it as a challenge! I’ll get back to you in a few weeks with the photos!”

Michael continues, “A little background info on that topic.  When Marilyn was filming the famous billowing skirt scene in The Seven Year Itch, in one of the earliest takes it was discovered Marilyn’s ‘pubic patch’ showed as a shadow on her panties. The problem was quickly resolved by simply slipping on another pair for the opaqueness.

Marilyn was well known for not wearing underwear. She corrected the problem permanently by (as she herself said) becoming “blonde–all over!” So, eventually, the rug did match the drapes.

Great, so I figured I would never hear back from Michael again.  Shame on me.  This email arrived recently, “Sorry it’s taken me a bit of time to get back to you, but, I just haven’t been up to the mall since I last wrote! I finally got there today, and took along my digital cam! And, I did manage to take a couple of pics of the ‘scariest’ part of that Marilyn statue!

It wasn’t easy, as I didn’t want to appear to be some sort of pervert/peeping tom, by taking pics up a ‘woman’s skirt in a busy store! But, I pretended to be examining her shoes while I discretely aimed the camera upward and clicked!


I also took some ‘full length’ shots of the statue to verify it’s the same as the one on your site.



Unfortunately, due to the glare on the store window, it’s difficult to see, but, it’s enough to get the idea. The skirt shots came out great though!

I’ve left the images in their larger size, so you can see, other than a little bit of ‘lightening’ and ‘sharpening’ they are totally unaltered!

I guess with ‘Marilyn’ being shaved, the carpets matching the drapes would not be a problem! 😉


Michael Sean

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