Honeymoon In Hell


On October 27, 2007 my cooler than cool niece, married a cooler than cool guy named Brian.  I flew back to Michigan to enjoy the nuptuals.  My niece has been obsessed with Stephen King for quite a long time, and for their honeymoon, they wanted to Trick or Treat at Mr. King’s home in Maine.  They couldn’t get that close, but they did manage to snap a pic of the digs for us, along with this sign that graces his property.  We need a few of those signs in Hollywood, and someone to enforce them.  Also included is a picture of my niece at her wedding, dancing with the second love of her live, Stephen himself.  God Bless the Richardsons!



One thought on “Honeymoon In Hell

  • October 29, 2022 at 4:05 pm

    Stephen King is, without a DOUBT THEE ugliest human being to ever walk this Earth…and he’s a dick to boot….sorry!

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