Fresh Tree Down


As a tour guide, I drive the streets of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air every day of my life.  When something unusual alters the landscape, in this case literally, I take pictures.  For instance, one of my stops on the tour is the Fresh Prince of Bel Air house.  It was the home used for the exterior location for the television show.  A couple of months back, there was a storm that knocked down an amazingly huge tree that sat in the front of it.  Luckily it fell on the other tree, and not the house.  This is the way it looked when it happened.

Findadeath friends Pete and Mary (and several others) sent me this:

That is the house (exterior and some interior) used in Mommie Dearest! Remember when she’s jogging with Carol Ann driving that awesome car next to her? Carol Ann: “Fan’s should know the price you pay” Joan: “Mayer should know the price I pay” They drive up that hilly driveway until they cut to “Joan” picking up a glass of orange juice and kisses Christopher “Hello dahhhhhling”

Cool top tip.  Thanks!



A bit closer



They finally removed it.



all gone.


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