Nice Celeb, Bad Story



Most Americans wouldn’t recognize this woman.  Her name is Barbara Windsor – a national treasure in England.  A few years and chins ago, I had the opportunity to meet her.  Actually I only wanted to meet her.  I never wanted to know her.  I had nothing in common with her.  Except – she used to hang out with the infamous Kray Twins.  Gangsters that basically died in prison for murdering people.  Another British institution.  Well, after an awards show I attended, I was left stranded, and she and I were trapped together.   She was lovely.  I was drunk.  There was nothing to talk about.  At all.  I mean nothing.  I started on about the Kray Twins, and how much I love them.  Then I got nervous and started stammering and apologizing etc.  She was really sweet.  Honest.  Then she just slowly turned her back to me, and walked away.  It was dreadful.  Worst.  Celebrity.  Moment.

But Dame Thora Hird did run over my foot once in her wheelchair.



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