Elvira For Sale




On Friday January 13th 2006, Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson, threw open the doors of her Hollywood home for an estate sale.  Being the good tour guide that I am, and more importantly being my own boss, I took two groups of tourists to Elvira’s house to paw through her things.

The normally gated community was wide open as we pulled up to the house and went in.  There were some wings she wore at one time.  Tons of memorabilia was for sale, people were buying out entire rooms.



What I found most unusual, was that it seemed that she just got up that morning and left.  Toothbrush still in the holder, there were still panty hose and socks in the drawers in the closet.  Very odd I thought, “a perv’s delight.”

As I understand it, she was in a bad relationship and just wanted out.  She walked away.  Didn’t even want to deal with it.  Still, a perv’s delight.

We found her office, a hidden bar in the den, the kitchen and bedroom.



My pal Michael visited later in the day, when Cassandra had called in on the phone to locate a particular pillow.  The estate sale people desperately trying to appease the panicked star on the other end.  I found a silver platter that was presented to her in grateful appreciation for her fundraising for AIDS research.   $225 and it was yours, if you were so inclined.  Also found a child’s stepstool.  Sadie must be her kid.



I bought this odd little framed picture I found, and it now graces this Death Hag’s home.  The weirdness follows.



Findadeath pal K. sends us this:  “When I was in high school in the late 80s, a friend did some contract construction work at the Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch. He liberated a guest sign-in book from the ranch. He later gave it to me and I’ve had it on a bookshelf for years. I saw the picture on your website tonight and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I haven’t looked at the book for years, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same pic on the cover … the little boy sitting on the moon, gazing down.


K. I don’t know if the image was created by Jackson, but this map of the Neverland Ranch, clearly uses that very image.  How interesting.  Thanks for the tip.



This sign was available at one of those Michael Jackson estate auctions.  I think it’s settled.  But I tell ya, I’d love to get my hands on a (it really exists) bottle of Neverland red wine aka Jesus Juice.



I opened the picture frame, and stuck behind the back of the little boy picture is Patti (Reagan) Davis’ acting resume.

I thought, OF COURSE it is.

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