Scary Santa – Had Enough Christmas Yet?


Had enough Christmas yet?  I thought not.

This is our family Santa Claus.  Seriously.  I shit you not.



Well.  Guess who made a reappearance, Christmas 2000?  We owe a debt of gratitude to my cousin Andrea and my Uncle Andy for this treat.  This creature was hibernating in an attic for over 25 years.  When Andrea said it still existed, my sister and I almost peed ourselves.  Andrea brought its box over,



And I dared to slip it on.



And this is the final product.



And just in case you weren’t disturbed by this image enough…



I still shudder if I think about it too much.  No department store had better ask me to be Santa, or there will be yet another sequel to

Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Merry Christmas, Death Hags.



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