The Damn Ham – The Osbournes


On the tour, its not unusual to see celebrities, after all, we drive through their natural habitat.  Some of the coolest are the Osbournes.  I adore them.  Ozzy waves and smiles.  Saw Jack and the bulldog once or twice.  He went into rehab in the same hospital W.C. Fields died in.  Kelly sees us and does a runner.  She drives a cool old Chevy.  Then there is Sharon, whom I adore.  She blew me a kiss the other day.  I loved it when Bill Cosby slagged them off, calling the kids “sad.”  Sharon went in with guns blazing.  She said basically, “Ozzy and I are fair game… but don’t mess with my kids.  We may say the F word a lot, but you are the one that was out doing it with some woman that was not your wife, and have a kid to show for it.”  Atta Girl!

My friend Peter was visiting from London recently, and snapped these pics for us.  Thanks Peter.  I’ll show you my appreciation when we next meet.


The sign on this gate says, Never Mind the Dog, Beware of the owner.



The House.




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