Let’s Talk About Your Big But – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Movie Locations


Another recent goal of mine, was to find the locations from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – the terrific film directed by Tim Burton and music by Danny Elfman – a movie that really put both of them on the mainstream map.  With a little help from my buddy EJ Fleming, I was able to find the house used in the film, in S. Pasadena – not far from the Michael Myers Halloween house.  This is the way it looked in the film, and how it looks in May 2006.



After watching the flick recently, I thought I clocked the house that Frances lived in, in the movie – and I was right – I pass this house every day on my tour, and its located in the Hancock Park area, just a few houses away from where Sean Haye’s lives (who is very sweet, and waves hello) and Rob Zombie (who seems like a prick).



Nearish to Palm Springs, is the last location I visited – those famous dinosaurs that Pee Wee sees when Large Marge drops him off.  Seeing them in person was neat, although the gift shop inside the brontosaurus sold some rather disturbing biblical items (and shockingly NOTHING kitschy and good). I’d wanted to see these for years, and it was great to go with my friend Bo, and Dekker.



There is a cool museum located on Highland at Hollywood Blvd, in the old Max Factor museum. Inside they have Pee Wee’s Bike and suit from le flick.  Worth the price of admission alone.



Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Pee Wee Land.

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