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Film Locations for you, from me.  Happy Halloweenie.

My buddy Laer and I watched this again last night.  Fuck, it’s a good film.  Still holds up after all these years.  Today we went out to photograph these locations for your perusal.  I give and I give…


The beginning of the film starts with little Michael Myers murdering his sister Judith in this house.



This is what the house looked in daylight.



This is what it looks like in October 26, 2002.



A bit too happy for me.  The house has been moved from across the street.  It’s a registered Historical Landmark for some reason or another.



Remember in the beginning, Michael spied on his sister getting it on with a guy, through this window?



In the film, Jamie Lee lived here.



This is the house today.



This was the house that Jamie Lee was babysitting in.



This is where her friend Annie was babysitting.  It’s been changed a lot since 1978, most notably, an addition over where the driveway was.



It looked like this a few years ago.



When Jamie Lee was running from Michael – away from this house, she ran to the house next door.  She was screaming for help and the people turned on the porch light, but then turned them off again.  This is the house next door.



Then she ran back across the street, pounding on the door for the sleeping kid to let her in.



And so ends my tour.

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