Mysterious Drowning and Supreme Stuff

Dearly Departed Newsletter – 02/12/2021


Hello Peepages.

It’s been since the last email and so much has not happened!  That’s not true, really.

I’ve been busy getting settled in my new hometown, Palm Springs.   As much as I love(d) Los Angeles, the desert is just what I needed after the past year.  It’s quiet and peaceful.  I have an actual yard where I can enjoy my coffee.  The view is nice. The sunsets are spectacular.  Oh, and people aren’t sh*tting on my front stoop , leaving their used needles on the front walk and threaten to shoot me when I call them out.  So there’s that too.  You know.  The little things.  I feel like I’ve gone “meat cleaver” to June Cleaver.
Supreme Sadness

Mary Wilson, the only approachable Supreme, has “suddenly” passed away in her Las Vegas home.  I have always kept hope that she, Cindy and Big D would appear onstage one more time, just for a round of applause and a bow.  It wasn’t meant to be.  RIP, Mary.  Send our love to Flo.


Somebody lock the knife drawer.


This happened:

We approach Mary Wilson’s table at an autograph show to buy merch. Mary gets up and begins to walk away.
Scott: You aren’t leaving, are you?
Mary: No. You go on over there and get what you want. I’ll be back in a bit.
Scott: Oh, I GOT what I want.
Mary: (whips head around) “Oooooh…”




She Doesn’t Take Gentlemen Callers

Recently I made video about Nancy Kulp, who you might remember as Jane Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies.



Miss Jane died here in the desert, so I didn’t waste any time checking out her death location. I also talk a little bit about her life, her closet (ahem) and her patriotism. She served the U.S. in World War II and again wanted to serve her country by running for office. Unfortunately for her, former “Hillbilly” costar Buddy Ebsen didn’t care for a comment she made in her campaign speech implying that ALL of the Hillbillies supporting her.  Buddy wasn’t a fan of her politics so he recorded a campaign ad AGAINST her.  She lost. Whatta guy!  Here is the video.
The Haunted Hotel

In the last email I spoke about our evening in the infamous Cecil Hotel and the insane rooftop water tower drowning of Elisa Lam.  I took some footage and photographs of the hotel when I was shooting the Ghost Adventures episode.  I’ve assembled it and released it today – complete with elevator ride.  See it here.




Morbid Modern

I got wind (stop it) of Dean Martin‘s Palm Springs home being ABANDONED.  Of course I flew over and was able to take some video of the place.  I doubt very much that it will be destroyed, but it has been standing, vacant, for years.  Have a look as I walk around Dino’s fabulous 50’s desert hideaway – and I’ll tell you the story of how I got Dean to buy me a beer.  True.



If you grew up during a certain era, you know every single episode of Gillian’s Island. Even if you just saw a few episodes of Gilligan’s Island, you’ve seen every episode. Seven stranded castaways on a fake beach with unlimited clothes almost escape the Island but Gilligan’s stupidity ruins whatever plan they have and they’re still stuck. Better luck next time!



I was able to meet a few of the castaways on a cruise (swoon!) and for someone like me, it was serious geek out time. When Dawn Wells, who played the adorable Mary Ann, died in December, I got to thinking about her yard sale that I attended a while back.  I bought a bunch of her stuff.  With our museum closing and the move, everything got boxed up and now I could not remember what exactly I bought. I found the package and decided I’d let you join me as I rediscover the purchases.  Join my GIDDY self as I crack open Mary Ann’s box and plow through it.




Some other things I’ve been up to—opening mail. Yeah, I know but hear me out.  Just because the museum is currently closed doesn’t mean I’m not still collecting or planning to reopen one day.  I got some very cool things and I waited to open the packages (that’s what she said) with you. In my heart of hearts, I’m still a fanboy who loves to share my passion for history.  Wait till the end … even June Cleaver would do a pearl clutch.  “murder, decapitation, cool movie, kazoo…”



In random Palm Springs news, the gargantuan Marilyn Monroe statue is headed back to downtown.  Like I always say, the only good Marilyn is a 26-foot-tall Marilyn.  It’s being permanently installed across the street from the Palm Springs Art Museum, causing people to lose their collective minds.  Enjoy!

Scott and Dearly Departed Team




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