Chris Farley

February 15, 1964 – December 18, 1997


Chris Farley
Chris Farley


Christopher Crosby Farley was most famous for his stint on Saturday Night Live, and probably the Chippendales sketch is the finest example of this, although he did appear in films as well. In his personal life, he idolized John Belushi. He once said that he “dreamed of being John Belushi. That’s why I went the Second City (comedy troupe),Saturday Night Live route. I wanted to follow him.” In the end, he went pretty much the same way his idol did, 16 years previously.



Chris once said, “I have a tendency toward the pleasures of the flesh. It’s a battle for me, as far as weight and things like that.”  He had been in rehab at least a dozen times, and was scheduled to go again when he died.



Chris had bought an apartment in the John Hancock Building, on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. His apartment was on the 60th floor. Here’s the front door, and here are the very unfriendly guards in the lobby, which Farley surely passed through many a time.





His last day was Wednesday, December 17th, 1997. He spent it primarily with a hooker called Heidi. Chris hired hookers regularly. Heidi was hired for Farley by a friend for $2,000. She joined Farley at a party in Lincoln Park (in Chicago) at 11 a.m. There were drugs going around. Later that day, Heidi took Farley back to her apartment – where they continued to smoke crack and snort heroin.

January 2008 Findadeath pal Pete Hertzberg sends this picture, which is most likely the door they used.  Chris claimed he’d been up for 4 days, without sleep. They tried to have sex, but Chris couldn’t. Cut to 11 p.m. – Chris and Heidi were back at his apartment in the Hancock building. She was getting pissed off because she wanted to get paid, and Chris claimed that the friend was supposed to pay her. They supposedly tried sex again, unsuccessfully, and finally at 3 a.m. she decided to take off. Farley was clearly inebriated, and as she was leaving his apartment, he collapsed about 10 feet from the door. Heidi claimed she could hear that he was having difficulty breathing. He said to her, “Don’t leave me.” Figuring he had finally passed out, she snapped a photograph of him lying there and then left.



Chris Farley’s brother John found him the next afternoon. Chris was still lying 10 feet from the door, wearing sweat pants and an open button down shirt. He was supposedly clutching a baseball cap and rosary beads. There was a blood-tinged fluid coming from his nose, and a white, frothy fluid coming from his mouth. John called 911. Chicago Fire Fighters received the call just after 2 p.m., and Farley was pronounced dead at the scene. He was 33 years old. So was Belushi. So was Jesus Christ.




One version says that a search of his apartment turned up no illegal drugs, but plenty of prescription drugs. Another version is that it was littered with booze bottles and bags of white powder. Chris’s body was taken to the medical examiners, was given an autopsy, and samples were sent for toxicology testing. When the results came back, his death was ruled as accidental. “Chris Farley died of opiate (morphine) and cocaine intoxication and his death was determined to be accident.” Other things in his system that did not contribute to his death include Prozac, morphine, marijuana and the antihistamine fluoxetine. ( friend Kathleen sent this update in “Fluoxetine is not an antihistamine, it’s the generic name for Prozac. Whoever provided the info might have meant to put fexofenadine, the generic name for the antihistamine Allegra.
It was just a minor point, but I used to work in a pharmacy, so I have all these names branded into my brain now.” – Thanks Kathleen! )  His weight (296 pounds) created a narrowing of three coronary arteries, which was a contributing factor in his death. He also had an enlarged heart and his liver also showed fatty changes consistent with heavy drinking.

Here’s some more science, courtesy of friend Scott Williams:

Heroin is metabolized into morphine in the blood stream and is the “opiate” found upon autopsy when someone dies of a “speedball”; classically heroin and Cocaine, (sometimes Heroin and Methamphetamine). Given the world of street-corner pharmacists, I can assume by the stated findings that heroin, not morphine, was the fatal ingredient. (Heroin is a Hell of a lot easier to get on the streets of New York than pharmaceutical Morphine, it adds up). It looks like Chris Farley followed his idol, John Belushi’s, example to the end. Not only in his career, but in death, including, age, drugs, and manner of death. Sad. Very sad.

Speedballs are now more common than straight Heroin overdoses in EMS. We paramedics administer “Narcan” to reverse the effects of a Heroin OD and sometimes find ourselves fighting with people who have been brought from under the opium overdose and coma, to tweaked, psychotic battles with the remaining rage of the speedy drugs that were ingested with them. There is another syndrome with Heroin, not necessarily in overdose enough to cause respiratory depression as in most Heroin deaths, but a reaction to Heroin that causes an altered cellular wall permeability in the alveoli (Lung sacks) that allows fluids, plasma, blood cells, to flood into the lungs and drown the user with astonishing speed, and no medical treatment can prevent rapid death. The result is a pink, blood tinged, frothy sputum from the mouth and nose (blood and plasmids) with rapid death to which no medical treatment can mitigate.

In any case, Chris wanted to follow John, his hero, in life. He did so to the end. No doubt.



At 3 p.m. on Friday, his body was then taken to the McKeon Funeral Home, 634 W. 37th Street, on the south side of Chicago. No doubt his casket passed through these doors. On the 20th, he was taken to the Johnson Williams Funeral Service in Madison, Wisconsin, where a private funeral was held on Tuesday.



On Tuesday the 23rd of December, there was a funeral mass held at Our Lady Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church (thanks Beca), in Madison. Over 500 attendees included Lorne Michaels, Dan Aykroyd (who wore a leather jacket over his suit, same as he did at Belushi’s funeral), John Goodman, Tom Arnold, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, George Wendt and Rob Schneider. The funeral program contained the serenity prayer, from AA, and the Clown’s prayer (What – that they go away?).



Memorials were planned for Chicago, New York and LA.

He is buried in Resurrection Cemetery, in Madison.


View his grave.


Trivia: Chris’s AA sponsor was Tom Arnold.

More: You might remember the John Hancock building from the film Poltergeist 3, as it was completely based in the building.



This just in from friend Ang:

I was reading your story about Chris Farley and just remembered something. I watched the MTV TV movie, it’s called 2gether (they are also a “spoof” band that actually do sing–they are performing at a local concert this Tuesday). Anyway, one of the cast member’s last name is Kevin Farley. You can tell he must be related to Chris. He has the same build and looks. I don’t know if you care or not, but here is the best pic I could find of him.  In case you couldn’t see, the guy in the middle is Kevin. By the way, he’s 35. Isn’t it creepy how much he looks like Chris? Just thought you’d like to know 🙂



Thanks for the great info Ang.  Much appreciated!  – S friend DAVE confirms that it is indeed Chris’s brother.

Oh yeah, the hooker Heidi? From what I hear, she sold the photo to the GLOBE. Anyone have it?

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2001:  Oh my God.  The pictures are here.  I have to warn you, they are some of the most disturbing, gruesome photographs I have ever seen.  I forewarn you, DO NOT go here if you are easily bothered by dead stuff.  I AM DEAD SERIOUS.

Photograph 1                Photograph 2            Photograph 3 (This one is the worst.)



A TON of people have sent me these photographs – the first being a person who just wants to be known as “The Shadow.”  I thank you all for keeping me in the loop.  Gross as they are, those pictures are fascinating.

To the bunch of you wondering what that stuff is coming out of Farley’s mouth, Jamie the Mortician (see links) explains:

“The shit coming out of his mouth is called purging, which was either caused by the O.D. or the heart attack.  It’s when the body builds up pressure, and the stomach fluids need OUT.”

Thanks Jamie, as usual.

Billboard on Sunset April 2005 – Apparently it wasn’t all his fault. friend Josh Perry righted what Rite Aid wronged. He took photos of these locations, and they came out! Thank you so much, Josh.  Kudos also go out to Todd Brittain, who helped gather the text info.


Update February 2015:

What the hell happened to that whore?


14 thoughts on “Chris Farley

  • June 4, 2023 at 10:26 am

    Two things – In The Chris Farley Show (an amazing oral biography), Chris’ brother John said he put the rosary in Chris’ hand upon finding him. That was sort of fixated on as if Chris grabbed it before he died but nope, his brother placed it there.

    Two – I vaguely recall seeing the supposed “last photo” that Heidi the hooker took of Chris. He was lying in the same position as the death photos, minus the blood, purge and lividity. So he was likely dying in that pic and the hooker bounced anyway. I also recall reading that the hooker stole his watch before leaving. Shitty but not entirely surprising.

    I wasn’t a fan of Farley’s when he was alive. I loved and still love Tommy Boy, but he was so manic that I found him painful to watch. He had that Robin Williams quality where it was clear they felt they had to be “on” to be liked. Having read The Chris Farley Show, I came to appreciate him. He was obviously a decent and kind but incredibly sick man. He went to rehab over a dozen times and tried his damnest to stay clean, but just couldn’t do it. Sadly, his death hastened his father’s death. Chris’ brother said their dad was never the same after Chris died and basically spent the year or so after Chris died getting his affairs in order. I think he died less than two years after Chris.

  • January 9, 2023 at 12:00 pm

    Sadly enough a lot of parts of the United States won’t treat addiction as an ailment, instead choosing to view the issue as a moral failure. If you want to honor Chris, donate to a facility that helps people work through addiction issues.

  • March 30, 2021 at 12:00 am

    Chris is not dead because legends never die. He is simply living in a van down by the river.

  • November 26, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    I read a biography about him and was fascinated. I was always a huge fan, but for some reason my heart always hurt for him. Anyway, the book gave insight that made my heart ache even more for his loss. According to the book, that i THINK his brother(s) wrote he spent a lot of time at Mass (church for those not familiar with Catholicism). He took an interest in homeless people, the elderly and those with special needs. If I remember correctly at his funeral a homeless man wanted to speak (maybe he did, I can’t recall exactly) but the family learned that he had done a lot for this homeless man. Not only was he a sweet soul, but unlike so many celebs now, he didn’t fault it and do it for attention. He did it because he cared and wanted too.

    We need more Chris’ in the world. RIP, you’re sorely missed.

  • November 6, 2020 at 2:16 am

    When I lived in Chicago one Sunday morning I stopped by Starbucks in the Rush Street (party central) area. No seats available so I ended up leaning against the wall. I noticed the guy standing next to me was Chris Farley. He was extremely pale, sweating profusely and his clothes disheveled as though he had slept in them which I doubt as the poor guy looked as he had not been to bed yet. I had a hand injury which caused me to spill a river of latte on my shirt continuing down my jeans ending up on my shoes. I was embarrassed as shit and looked up and saw CK grabbing an inch thick stack of napkins at the counter. He turned and walked over to me and without speaking a word handed me the napkins and went on about his business.

    This occurred a couple of months before he died. What a guy.

  • September 29, 2020 at 12:15 pm

    so, is this to mean that the hooker Heidi took these photos? Surely not, as he is most certainly deceased already here…? I wonder where the photo is that SHE took…and also who took these?

    • October 13, 2020 at 7:40 pm

      No, those are crime scene photos. Her picture shows him just before he died when she was leaving. But he died in the same position so she was most likely taking a pic of a dead man.

      • December 18, 2022 at 2:32 am

        The white stuff coming out of his mouth is pulmonary edema which is fluid in the lungs mixed with air. Pulmonary edema is a common finding in overdose deaths.
        It is not fluid from the stomach.

    • April 5, 2023 at 11:18 am

      That’s exactly what I was wondering! Because it kept saying that she took photos when he collapsed. Why would she take ohotos anyways unless she knew he would die and wanted to profit off that…or could blackmail him with them if he didn’t

  • May 9, 2020 at 6:39 pm

    A star that still burns bright, that w ill never die, I feel so much sadness seeing these gruesome pictures again but it’s the reality of too many drugs, yearning for a love from someone your not sure exsists or somewhere to escape to that turns out to be the scariest place you have ever been when it may be too late and the one you thought to be the someone who rides out the harsh storm of addiction and depression with you until after the bitter end & until the clouds finally part and the ray of sunshines through lifting the weight of all the insecurities and self doubt lifts up like a morning haze but sadly it was not that someone it was another more miserable person that only cares for the material wealth be it drugs, money not even acknowledging how much you struggle as your knocked overboard and drowning you try and try to keep yourself above the choppy water caused by the raging storm just then you see they are finally throwing you a life preserver tied to the rope but alas your fooled by that need for love realizing you were thrown an anchor to speed up your demise, so as your clutching this heaviest of weights you sink down finally at peace, because faith, joy, laughter,righteousness was what you left behind for those gentle souls that tried to always be kind and assure you it never was at your expense or an attempt to gain or profit just so your joyous soul could finally be happy and free and live better than those full of hate, those consumed in materialistic greed, shaming people not considered physically beautiful finally see inner beauty of ones kind soul is what really matters for all eternity and try as you may to make the someone see the light of the lord burns brighter than all the gold in the kingdom of the heavenly fathers and mothers , sisters and brothers we all are if we just try to see through the different socioeconomic situations, political dischord, we all just need to help one another to live up to whomever you may consider to be your lord. From Matt Foley to Da Bears Super fans Tommy Boy may be considered a Black Sheep but who are we trying to kid when someone who brings that much laughter is gone is when we all weep. RIP Chris Farley love you and I didnt even know you I pray your smashing Jesus’s coffee table right now as I type my last word, he has got better stuff in heaven or at least so I’ve heard, and he can’t take a f’in joke then ask to hang out with God and ask him about your holy spirit &dont race to die people still here but don’t be so uptight you cant have any fun when you only have time to fear death Fear is a blessing and a curse. When in doubt though people would someone please call a 1st responder or a nurse. An addict or not remember it is a human being, and some of the best most caring people I have ever met are now or were manic depressed addicts at one time or another. It is the most misunderstood disease bar none IMO, corona mysharona ain’t got shit on addiction and depression, I still have my moments hell just check out the physcho babble I just wrote those are not the writings of someone that hasnt been depressed and or addicted at one time or another. Though for those kids and folks that never have had a serious addiction, just stick to doobies and maybe an occasional drink or 2 it ain’t in any way shape or form a fun way to live because that experimentation will almost always lead to a road of serious regret, depression and you will also meet these evil so called friends that stab you in the back, and just like the woman that left Chris Farley to die could give 2 shits whether you live or die. I know having to have evil chemical poison just to maintain normalcy or to have a “good” time plain and simply sucks ass. If it sounds like I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth it is because I doubt many will read it anyway and it is like a inner debate even now after I have been clean over 7 years. I still have my days but am greatful for every time I wake again to see the Sun, cuz ya never know when it could be your last one. Try to Love and respect all and if at all possible Be kind and peaceful and don’t ignore those needing help. Thanks to those who reeled me in outta the deepend way back when.

  • April 26, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    Such a sad way to go So soon …Too soon you will be missed Chris by all your fans!! R.I.P!!!

  • November 16, 2019 at 5:57 am

    Kevin Farley is the brother of Chris. He is now traveling and doing stand up comedy. I recently saw him in Lafayette Louisiana and it’s actually creepy how much he looks and sounds just like Chris. His facial expressions and the way that he says certain things are exactly like his brother!!

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