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Dead skin is a vile thought, right? Wait.


Everyone around here loves Halloween.  Most of us live Halloween.
For everyone else, though, after October 31 the witches and ghouls are put back in storage and it’s downhill from there.  They give thanks.  The have the holiday spirit.  It’s better to give than to receive (though I’m big on versatility).  All good.  But then somehow 2020 came about and we do it all over again. Ppppppffffffffttttttttt

And hello, PS: 2020.  What in the ever “if you see Kay”…  How did 2020 happen.


It has been a fun week around here.  Our lovely friend and resident psychic/medium Jill Marie Morris gave another jam-packed Hollywood Ever After show last weekend.


Jill’s show is always interesting, and this was no exception.  Takeaway: Sal Mineo showed up and told us that he knows that Scott laid down in the exact spot where he died.  Which is true.  I do that every time I visit a spot where someone died.  I want to see the very last thing they saw.  It’s their history.  Plus, Sal should know the spot well.  He was there.  Oh and FYI? Face-plant.


We released the latest Dearly Departed Podcast, with this episode focusing on the classic horror movie Poltergeist.  This is our longest (stop) podcast yet, because so many people involved with the movie died young, or under weird circumstances.


Unlike some, Steven Spielberg lived and continued on to make some remarkable and emotionally manipulative films. Not nice, but true.  You can listen to all our Podcasts here.  If you like it, please leave a good review. Supposedly that helps.

This past Monday I made an appearance at the Whittier Public Library in … uhm … Whittier!  Funny how that works.  I gave a presentation there three years ago and they actually asked me back this year for a similar presentation. I talked about dead horror film stars and Sharon Tate, because that’s the deal.

They made me a poster!  I mean, aren’t libraries government or something?  Well, thank you to the library for having me back!



Finally, if you’d like a picture of the Disney Hitchhiking Ghosts that were painted on our back wall by Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro and street artist MegZany then you better get here soon.  Like today.  We ADORE it, but our landlords unfortunately do not.  Tomorrow they get painted over.  We did beg them to let it leave it until Halloween, and they agreed.  Phineas, Gus and Ezra will have to move on and haunt some other lucky Los Angeles wall.



Scott and the Dearly Departed Team


PS: When people enjoy our tours, we are thankful when the choose to show their appreciation with a gratuity. Sometimes people leave things behind in the van. Cellphones, bottles and cans..



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Oh and please follow us because it’s supposed to be very important.


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