Dearly Departed Newsletter – A Grave Marker Has Been Placed



A Grave Marker Has Been Placed


Hi Everybody.

I’ve got good news. The grave marker for To Kill a Mockingbird star James Anderson has finally been placed! Our donation/GoFund Me $ went straight to the cemetery – and after a few changes we settled on the design and it was installed on Valentine’s Day.



Here is the video of Troy and I unveiling Anderson’s grave for the public for the first time.
Remembering the dead is something we take very seriously – yet we have fun with it.  As a group, we’ve been able to place 8 markers for people who, for whatever reason, were in in unmarked graves.  I’m so proud to be the representative of so many generous people.

We all did this.  Congratulations.


It’s been very busy around here. As you know we have closed down our Artifact Museum. We had couple of un-funerial gatherings to say goodbye.  The first was for employees and close friends, the second was for the Los Angeles Tour Guide’s Association.  It was a great way to say “so long” to something that has been special for a lot of people.  Our pal Jordan the Lion was there and video documented the occasion.  Thank you all for supporting our little clubhouse over the years.


Our pal Bridget Marquardt stopped by on her way to the Vampires Ball


To clarify – our tours are continuing for now, only the museum is done.  We will still be on the road through the summer.

Oh, this was cool!

Just before we shut the doors – we were thrilled to get a “farewell” present from rocker Dave Navarro and artist Megzany who painted a picture of John Wayne Gacy on the side of the building.  It was a depiction of that famous painting of Gacy as a clown (double-shudder) waving goodbye.



If you want to stop by and take a picture, don’t.  As expected, the landlord blew a gasket and awayyyyy it goes.  For some reason, the landlord is having trouble believing that a legendary guitarist spends his time painting our building.  But it’s true.  Like the Hitchhiking Ghosts last October, we’re flattered that these artists shared their work on us, and enjoyed by everyone passing by.  Before I painted over Gacy—yes, I did it myself as a show of goodwill—I informed the landlord that I loved the artwork.  Not amused.

What are we talking – alking – alking about?

Our latest podcast has been released!  This week’s focal point – SNL.  The iconic comedy show Saturday Night Live.  More like Saturday Night Dead for us.  In this episode we cover the deaths of it’s stars, a stars who some people wish were dead, my trip to the Academy Awards, recent deaths and of course, a heaping dose of Hate Mail.  Have a listen!  Hell, it’s free.



What are THEY talking – alking – alking about?

Fab shout outs this week!  Our friend Kristen Lopez recently attended our Helter Skelter Tour and wrote a piece (heh) about it.  Kristen has been very supportive of Dearly Departed Tours over the years and it was great to have her back for another adventure. You can read about Kristen’s experience here.

Last Saturday night, writer LIGHTNINLY attended our Homicide True Crime Tour.  We began offering this tour a few months back and it’s really gained attention.  These “local” murder stories are pretty crazy.  Who knew there were so many dismemberments in such a close range!  Thank you LNL for the terrific write up / review of the Homicide Tour.

A Star on Earth – A Star in Heaven

There are still just a couple of seats left for Karen Carpenter’s birthday tour on March 1. If you wish to attend, and wish Karen an imaginary Happy 70th Birthday, purchase your ticket here.


The 2018 group in front of the Carpenter Death House


Just a reminder that although the museum has closed, our tours are still operating. We’re currently searching for a meeting location that is close to parking, and has a nearby restroom that doesn’t reek of crack pipes and piss.

In this city, that’s a tall order. We’ll keep you posted.





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  • March 4, 2020 at 3:08 am

    I thought it a nice little spot. There were benches to sit on and reflect and there were gardenias gracing her niche. The sun was filtering through. It was peaceful. We always like to see something grand for our star’s graves, but we’ll take what we can get.

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