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Crimbo -‘Tis The Season




Ho! Ho! Ho!  Not calling anyone names, although here in HO-llywood it certainly applies to more people than not. Anyway, we’re in the HO-liday spirit so we’re offering an, uhm, offer.  A full-release, as it were.  From now until Christmas, you can purchase two tickets for the standard Tragical History Tour with museum admission (see it while ya can, folks!) for $100 (booking fee not included). That’s a $30 savings and you can use the package (heh) until April 30, 2020.  Use the code TRAGICAL2 You can purchase tickets here.  It’s the best – well that’s what they keep telling us.
Words! Words! Words!

People have been asking about the next Dearly Departed Podcast and I’m happy to report that it is out NOWClick here.  This episode is about It’s a Wonderful Life, the sentimental holiday classic that uses suicide as its base.  Some say that Jimmy Stewart was never really the same after serving in World War II, so that might explain his willingness to explore some darker content.  It’s a Wonderful Life was his first movie after returning home.



Also discussed in the episode is legendary producer Robert Evans, who got The Godfather made.  I also think he’s the only person who can actually claim that he was supposed to go to the Tate house on the day of the murders. (You know I have to go there.  Always.) Evans had promised his friend Roman Polanski that he would check in on a very-pregnant Sharon while Roman was out of the country.  For whatever reason, Evans phoned her that day.  We also talk about Christopher Dennis (AKA “Hollywood Superman”) and other Hollywood news. If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast or catch on past episodes, you can find everything here and nerd out to your heart’s desire.  It’s alllll for you, Damien.

Here’s Jimmy Stewart’s death certificate.  Don’t say I never give you anything.


Jimmy Stewart's Death Certificate
Jimmy Stewart’s Death Certificate




We put up the tree in the shop this week. Not the doll head tree, although that’s there too, but an actual genuine artificial Christmas tree. Full disclosure – we had some help for the tree trimming from our good friend Playboy Superstar Bridget Marquardt, Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story and Tammie Merheb-Chavez from the Hollyweird Paranormal podcast. Ok, full FULL disclosure, it’s actually Bridget’s tree and we are hosting it.

Bridget recorded the Christmas episode of her podcast Bridget’s Ghost Magnet in the Museum and kindly left her tree of severed limbs, cadelabras and zombies for us to enjoy until the New Year.  Stop by and visit!





I tried really hard to contain myself because I’m a superfan of American Horror Story: Freakshow and Naomi was my favorite character, Pepper.



Pepper was based on my spirit animal Schlitzie who a lot of you might know us Death Hags (Spirited by the lovely Shelley Lichoff and my pal CC) had raised funds and had a headstone placed on Schlitzie’s grave.





Speaking of grave markers – this is an update about our fundraiser for the James Anderson stone.



I spoke to the cemetery this week regarding placement the grave marker.  Although I paid for the stone in August and  I approved the design in September, the order slipped through the cracks.  I was promised that it will be fast-tracked and hopefully completed and installed in the next few weeks.  I’m disappointed that we didn’t get this done in 2019, but that makes the beginning of 2020 something to look forward to.  Thank you again to all who have contributed.

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