If You Have The Time… and I Know You Have The Time

Dearly Departed Newsletter – 04/09/2020


Hi there,

Isn’t it exciting to be living through history?  Well, the “almost getting hit by a car” kind of exciting, right?   Someday you can share the stories with the upcoming Coronial-boomers, and they’ll pretend to care.  Truly though, I hope everyone is OK. (not a sarcastic remark.)

As you know, we here are Dearly Departed Tours have been focused more on the Dearly Departed rather than Tours right now.  Mike and I put together another podcast, this time done in our separate quarantine quarters (AKA our respective apartments).  Because we couldn’t record in the same room with each other (civil responsibility first!), we did a video conference thingy so we could see each other—and, fortunately or unfortunately, you can see us too.



This episode of the podcast is devoted to the 70’s TV show Diff’rent Strokes and it’s “curse”.  Boy, there are some doozy stories to report. In addition to what happened to the cast, we touch on my own dirty-kleenex encounter with Gary Coleman and my being offered Dana Plato’s death motor home.  True.  Spoiler alert: I didn’t buy it.  Have a look or a listen to the end of the Strokes.



I’m still trying to be a tour guide as best I can, so I made another video for my YouTube channel.  This time I went through my Hollywood matchbook collection and I chose a few to take back to the places where the came from.  Surprise, surprise—many of them are now gone.  This is still LA.  Back in the day when almost EVERYbody smoked, matchbooks were a standard giveaway for any type of business you can think of, including funeral homes, which you’ll see in the video.


Scott’s Matchbook Match-Up


My YouTube channel is a way for me to still give “tours” and I appreciate the outlet.  People seem to appreciate the content,  so please check it out if you have time, and please subscribe to the channel.  It only takes one click, one time on the red button below the video, and it really makes a difference.



Oh, I almost forgot! For decades I heard a story about Angie Dickinson being ambushed for an episode of the TV show This is Your Life. Not having it, she stormed off the set. I found the footage! The format of the show was that they would CON the subject (in this case Angie) to a certain location on the premise that they were doing something completely different (in this case an interview with Brian DePalma). The host, Pat Sajak revealed a photo album with Angie’s history and was to parade by people from Angie’s past, who would then pay some sort of oral tribute. Stop. Angie is notoriously private. I’m sure she’d never dish on certain people (rhymes with Aye-eff-fay and Pinakra) and this is the proof. She is PISSED, yet remarkably restrained. Still, a couple of F-bombs flew… I love her. Enjoy.



Scott and the Dearly Departed Tours Team



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7 thoughts on “If You Have The Time… and I Know You Have The Time

  • April 17, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    got it on you tube she is NOT a nice person kinda ruins “rio bravo” forever 3 way sex romp with her made me lose my lunch

    • April 17, 2020 at 1:50 pm

      the picture here makes her look like a pissed off blonde ape watch out scott here come the cease and desist letter

  • April 14, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    I finally got to see the “my life” you tube video

    I dunno- on the one hand I kinda can see her point- on the other hand I’ve seen a few of these- lou Costello, oliver hardy and they were very honored and surprised in oliver hardy’s case, he was in ill health and had to walk from a hotel lobby to the show took a long time in television , especially live tv.
    but he was most gracious and appreciative so, I guess it depends on the person I must say, though I hold angie DICK erson is much less esteem now rio bravo will never be the same I think she’s got an enormous ego

  • April 14, 2020 at 1:26 am

    Man, when I was young and in the Air Force I got stationed in Oklahoma City(Tinker Air Force Base)and lived in Moore, I can see why Dana Plato killed herself I felt the EXACT same way. Also, I don’t think Angie is really all that private she made a 3-way sex video at one time.

    • April 14, 2020 at 11:43 am

      yeah…for some reason, the word “tramp” always comes to mind whenever I’ve seen

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