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A Grave Marker Has Been Placed



I’m reporting to you “live” from a dead place. Literally. Don’t lose your breasticles. I’m ok. By that I mean I’m in the middle of packing up the museum. Anyone who has ever moved—and I think that’s all of us—knows it suuuucks. The good news is it’s coming along fine. We’ll be completely out of the building very soon. This is the last weekend for meeting our guests at the old shop. RIP


In anyone else’s world, this would be weird.



Starting on Thursday March 7 we’ll pick up our guests in front of the Fonda Theatre, located at 6126 Hollywood Blvd. There are plenty of parking lots in the area. We’re not affiliated with the Fonda, so there won’t be a bathroom available here but there are plenty of places in the area where you can stop in for lunch, buy a coffee (or whatever) and use the loo.



A lot of people have told us that they’re sad the museum is closing.  It’s been very touching (that’s what she said) to hear how much everyone has loved the museum and enjoyed meeting the staff.  We put a lot of love in the museum and we’ve clearly suckseeded.  Who can ask more than that?  I’m wallowing in a little bit of sad, however I’m very excited about the next chapter.  In all honesty, I’m so looking forward to a break – not being bummed and bogged down by rent, California taxes, insurance, gas taxes, payroll, taxes on taxes, scary ass people coming through the doors and frightening employees, and taxes.  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s been very, very, VERY hard (heh).  I’m proud of what we’ve done and you all are a huge part of that. I thank you!



By being done with this drama, it frees me up to create more online content.  After the move and we’re finally settled, I’ll have more time to devote to Findadeath,  my Youtube Channel and the Dearly Departed Podcast – and it’s all. free. stuff!  You might have to sit through an ad or two, but the info is FREE.

NEW : If you are Rocky Horror Fans – you might like to check out my newest show-and-tell of a fraction of my Rocky Horror collection and a visit to The Castle – the real building used in the film, which is now a very nice hotel.  Have a look – and please subscribe to Dearly Departed Online if you can find it in your heart.



We had a second Karen CarpenTour this week because the demand was so high.  A few years ago there didn’t seem to be much interest in Karen but now people are not only finding this tour, they request it months in advance.  Normally this annual tour takes place on Super™ Bowl™ Sunday.™  Everyone is at home getting drunk on bad beer so the freeways are clear and we can drive around and sing along to Carpenters songs to our heart’s content.  Her deathaversary is February 4, which is perfect timing for Super™ Bowl™ Sunday™ so thank you Karen for dying on a convenient day.  This year would have been her 70th birthday, so we threw another soiree.  Bless.



If you tried to schedule a tour for this coming Sunday (and why wouldn’t you, ladies and germs?) you may have noticed that are none available. That’s because the annual shitshow that is the LA Marathon will happen that day. The streets are closed down, so we can’t drive around and show nice people sites where terrible stuff happened. We’re forced to close for the day and lose money because people want to run around. Remember how I said that it’s hard to be a small business? The joys never stop.



Elisa Jordan from LA Woman Tours has her summer lineup ready to roll – celebrating The Doors, Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe and Rock and Roll Circus.  They are up and available.  I’ve been on them all and they are jammed with info and are straight up fun and the dates are listed below.

I think… that’s about it.

Scott and the Dearly Departed Tours Team

Nashville – We love you.  Get well soon!



LA Woman Tours:

The Doors – Strange Days Tour – Sunday July 19 – Tickets

Marilyn’s Hollywood – Sunday August 2 – Tickets

Jean Harlow’s Hollywood – Sunday June 7 – Tickets

Rock and Roll Circus – Sunday September 13 – Tickets



Free Entertainment


Oh and please follow us because it’s supposed to be very important. 



2 thoughts on “Dearly Departed Newsletter – Movin’ On Up

  • March 24, 2020 at 4:31 pm

    Do you have any plans on reopening the museum in a new location, any time in the near future? What will you do with all the artifacts that you had in the museum?

    Good luck to you – I always wanted to check out the museum when I was in town – hopefully the opportunity will present itself in the future.

  • March 19, 2020 at 7:01 pm

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to worry to death(can I get a haha?) over rent and taxes.

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