Dr. Ralph Greenson (Marilyn Monroe’s Psychiatrist)

September 20, 1911 – November 24, 1979 

I can’t tell the whole story.


Dr. Ralph Greenson
Dr. Ralph Greenson


Dr. Greenson lived about a 10 minute drive from Marilyn’s home.  No doubt Marilyn made the trek to this house several times.



And no doubt spent time on this very couch, and poured her heart out.



Then she would fill the prescriptions he gave her, at the pharmacy closest to her home.



And you know he invoiced her.  This one is dated on Marilyn’s last birthday.



Ralph is dead.



Ralph is in a wall.



Good night, Ralphie.



3 thoughts on “Dr. Ralph Greenson (Marilyn Monroe’s Psychiatrist)

  • May 25, 2022 at 4:31 pm

    Oh, you left sooo much out on this one – From what I’ve read this guy would have had his medical license, if not permanently revoked, then definitely suspended for his “patient” treatment of Monroe. As for Marilyn trekking “several times” to his house… read as part of his “therapy” he actually had Monroe move into his house, for extended periods!! A no-no on so many levels, both professional & personally. Fame whore? Ya’ think?

    If I recall rightly, he was also part of her death scene cover-up. Not sure, but think he was one of the people at the house before the cops/ambulance arrived. Since when are Psychiatrists at patients death locations before the authorities arrive? No proof, but seriously shady in my book. Sure there’s more stuff, just don’t have the energy to find it now.

    • May 28, 2022 at 4:10 pm

      Tiny bit more energy. Possibly figured out why Greenson was at Monroe’s house before the cops/ambulance. Perhaps Greenson had some of Marilyn’s prescription pill bottles at his house left over, or stored there, from her “therapy” sleep-overs…..

      If I recall rightly, her bedroom nightstand had a huge amount of prescription pill bottles on top of it. “Salting” the scene perhaps? Also seem to recall no glass or water container was found in the bedroom. Kinda strange for someone who’s supposed to have taken 30, plus or minus, pills to end their life….. No one said they were competent “Salters” –

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