Halloween During The Turd Of 2020


Hi everyone,

Happy Halloweenie! (If you’re lucky.)  Don’t forget to take our Horror Movie Location T … oh wait.  Instead of touring horror movie locations, we’re actually living in a horror movie.  Think of it as an interactive experience. ZOOOOOOM! (It’s good to put a positive spin on things.)

Speaking of tours, we are slowly easing back into giving them. Things are a little different though. There’s been some confusion about how things work. We can’t sell individual seats right now. For a tour, everyone in the van has to be part of the same group, which means you have to rent out the entire van. The good news is you’re getting a private tour.  Oh, and it’s also good that we’re cutting down on getting the Rona.  Our vans are sanitary and I get deloused daily, so there’s that.

The Treat of Halloween – for a VERY good cause:

The night of Halloween – our friend and Dearly Departed Tours’ resident (when we had a residence) Psychic Medium, Jill Morris is hosting a Halloween Party online.  I’ll be a guest with Elisa Jordan from LA Woman Tours plus several other fun guests.  Jill is a hoot and I can tell you, she is SPOT ON.  It’ll be a fun evening that you can enjoy from your sweaty computer chair.  Guests are encouraged to wear costumes and tickets are available here.  It’s a fundraising event to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.  These are not normal times and some people need extra care.  Please join us for a few larfs and good POSITIVE psychic fun.




Even though tours are a little different, we’re continuing to work and spread the gospel of ROCKY.  This week I was on the Ticklish Business podcast with Kristen Lopez, a Hollywood historian and film critic. For this show we talk about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which if you know me you know is one of my favorite obsessions. A big thank you to Kristen for allowing me to pontificate. Take a listen.


A special thanks to my friend Donnie, who sent me a January 1970 issue of the National Tattler, an old tabloid.  There’s Jackie Kennedy to Sharon Tate.  In this video I show the paper page-by page, pointing out various silliness and scandal.  The ads alone are worth a look.   Follow along here.




Remember in the last email I posted an interview I did with Heidi Fleiss?  Weirdly (is there any other way?) when I was taking photographs of her old shop on Hollywood Blvd, a music video was being shot there at that very moment.  There was a man walking with a giant coronavirus spore for a head.  I took a few photographs and left


Last week this music video was released.  My friend Steve Goldstein from the great cemetery website Beneath Los Angeles  found it.  Steve writes, ” I found that video you’ve been sharing that was filmed on Hollywood Blvd. Turns out it’s Mike Campbell (from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) for his new band, the Dirty Knobs.  The song is called F*ck That Guy.”

If you enjoy profanity and a bunch of people flipping the finger, it’s a pretty song.  Here’s a link to the video/song.

What makes this about me is that I ended up in the video.  I didn’t catch it, but my boy Troy did.  See that slender individual to the right of the spore with the blue mask on?  (I was having a bad mask day.)



If you missed my interview with the Madame herself, you can hear it now. She put the trick in Trick or Treat!



Please visit my YouTube page, and subscribe.  I’d be much obliged.   It’s free entertainment that I work pretty hard on.  heh.  I’ve been focusing a lot on these videos and It’s a good way for us Death Hags to get our nerd on.  If you sit through an ad, all the better.




PSSST: This is top secret. You cannot tell anyone.  I’ve been sworn to secrecy.  I shot another episode of the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures.  Ok, I can tell you that much, but nothing about the subject and location, but it’s a doozy.  Distantly hang out with Zak and the crew again was fun and the stuff we experienced was off the chart.  There is a chart, right?  Does anyone even say the word “chart” anymore?  I’ll let you know when I find out the air date.  It was a crazy night.



I keep forgetting to mention – if you would like a free (yes, free) DEATH HAG sticker – send an envelope with a self addressed stamped envelope folded inside, I’ll drop it in the post to our dookieland mailing address:

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Our Tragical Trinkets are still available in our online store, along with our awful key tags and a couple of autographed books. Have a sniff around. Most of this stuff is not available anywhere else.



Stay well, little deathies.

Scott and the Dearly Departed Team



Free Entertainment.  You heard me.


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2 thoughts on “Halloween During The Turd Of 2020

  • November 6, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    The year of the turd should be made into a sitcom. Good call Scott. Thank God that we have Scott to help get us through this mess with the interesting stories and the intriguing perspectives. We all need a break from the turdness.

  • November 4, 2020 at 11:23 pm

    I don’t believe ‘the year of the turd’ is part of the traditional Chinese Zodiac calendar, but this year, why the heck not make it a thing?

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