Inside Harry Nilsson’s London Flat

Keith Moon / Cass Elliot Update April 2004


Received this fantastic batch of emails recently from two new friends of Find a Death in London, Trevor and Mari Spenser, who managed to infiltrate the flat.  Great pictures below, thank you guys so much.


Trevor writes, “I was arranging to meet my wife Mari for lunch, she works nearby in Curzon Street. This was Thursday 18th March. I knew the Moon/Cass flat was nearby so we planned just to take a look and just marvel and the entrance and sense of history etc.,



when I noticed the main door was open and there were workmen around.



The whole place was gutted and being renovated, so seizing my chance to see into the flat I talked our way past the workmen by informing them of the place’s history (of which they knew nothing) and they were happy to let us in.

When we walked up the steps and got to the flat itself on the top floor, it was locked (the only flat in the place that was) so left disappointed but immediately planned on returning.



The following Monday (March 22) my wife and I (and my video camera) returned, with the hope that we would find someone with the keys to let us in and to make a video of the whole place. This chance wasn’t going to present itself again unless I had the 2 million pound selling price (according to the workmen).

Monday came and we managed to persuade a different person to let us in this time. We went straight to the top floor and wonderfully it was open. Armed with my camcorder and free to do as I pleased I began to film walking around the place. I took some excellent footage of which these stills were taken. The place was actually small with a very low ceiling, I was surprised to think of it as a rock star pad back in the day. Refurbished of course but the layout totally unchanged

My wife Mari actually whipped up a floor plan on the place.




This is a window from the road outside, and the inside of the same window.



The entrance from inside the flat.



The main room just inside.



The fireplace in the main room.



The balcony off the main room.



The kitchen, and view from the kitchen.




The bedroom and bath.




The feeling was great and I knew exactly where the bed would have been.



This was obvious by the bedroom layout.

The view of the Hilton Hotel was terrific from the windows.



My wife felt spooked but the overall feeling was of excitement.  I imagined what it would have been like 25 years ago when Cass and Moon had lived (and er! died there).”

In true Find a Death style, this is where the bed was.



Great work Trevor.  This is what it’s all about.  I/we appreciate.  x

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