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Greetings, concerned citizen! – 09/26/2019

Holy Podcast Batman!
The latest episode of the Dearly Departed Podcast is out now!  This was a fun one and it’s a little long (Oh, if I had a nickel…) because there are so many guest stars to cover.  Batman was a unique show.  It was on twice a week for the first two seasons, there were tons and tons of celebrity guest stars and cameos, it had no laugh track and of course, the distinctive colorful comic book style POWs and BAMs.  Despite being corny and campy,  it was an innovative and positive show, and it still holds up well.  Plus you get to hear about Liz Taylor *69’d me.  I know.  But still.  Click here.



A big thank you to everyone who is listening and giving us good reviews and please continue sharing!  Our audience is growing so it’s helping.  When we get more people, we will get a sponsor.  When we get a sponsor, we can make more episodes.  It’s the circle of whatever this is.  The next show is coming soon … same Bat time, same Bat channel. (Sorry. You would make that joke too.)
(Halloween) Holiday Season
We have a lot going on for the month of October so be sure to join us for some wholesome holiday fun. We’ve been added to the all-star panel at LA’s Most Haunted, which is hosted by my friend Bridget Marquardt. It’s taking place at the Valley Relics Museum on October 13 at 5pm.
Other guests will be Mark L. Marinaccio, Patti Negri, Kristen Luman, Katie Burr, Craig Owens, McKenzie Westmore and Lisa Morton. There will be an exhibit and we’ll tell stories and take questions. Information on the event is here and tickets are here.
Los Angeles Magazine
This month my favorite haunts are featured in Los Angeles Magazine, and by haunts I mean spooks.  Writer Chris Nichols reached out for some odd stories and well, of course I had them.  Here is an image and here’s the link to the article online.



I can see you!


Saturday October 26th at 7pm – Hollywood Ever After with Psychic Medium Jill Marie Morris. 
Jill’s annual October event!  Dress in costume and sit for a spell while  celebrating the spirit of Halloween! This special event will feature discussion on the following Legends of Horror: Lon Chaney, Lon Chaney Jr., Alfred Hitchcock, Carolyn Jones, Madeline Kahn,  Elsa Lanchester, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and Sylvia Sydney.  In addition to a standup comedy intro and discussion pertaining to the celebrities sharing a deathiversary within the month, Jill will share her psychic impressions and perform random gallery readings for the audience. Audience participation is part of the event, but not mandatory.  Tickets here.
Could you imagine being in a conversation with Elsa Lanchester and Madeline Kahn? I… I just…   “In our circles, in our circles, in our circles…”
Plus don’t forget!  We’re doing our annual Horror Movie Location Tour. This is hosted by our own Richard Sebastian and will visit sites from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Thriller, The House on Haunted Hill and skads more.


The tour is hosted by our own Richard Sebsatian who is no stranger to horror himself.  See that boy in the shorts?  That’s Richard.  He’s just about to be murdered in Murder Weapon.  Or is he…  Comeo n the tour and he’ll fill you in.
Info and tickets are here.
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
We’re very excited to finally be doing our James Dean tour this week! This is an annual all-day trip that retraces Dean’s final ride, which ended in tragedy a few hours north of Los Angeles.  My pal Patrick Langford and I host this trip and last year we had a blast.  Sunday’s tour is sold out, so we’ll be posting images from the day.  Below is our 2018 at the crash site, and Patrick and I at Jimmy’s star on Vine .





Get Nasty withi Gumby’s Daughter!



We have another one of our exclusive tours coming up and this one never fails to please. Alison Arngrim is back to host another Nasty Nellie Oleson tour on October 6. She will show you around Hollywood like only an insider can and also give you the scoop about what it’s like to be a child actor on a successful TV show.  To Alison’s credit, she’s alive.  She’s done better than a lot of them.  Tickets here.
Scott and the Dearly Departed Team
Special Events in October
Saturday October 19th in person at Dearly Departed Tours is Jeff Abraham, author of The Show Won’t Go On!  Jeff’s book is about performers who died while performing in front of a live audience.  We don’t mean they just a bad show, but they actually dropped dead on stage.  It promises to be fascinating and Jeff’s book will be available to purchase.


Rocky Horror Night at Dearly Departed Tours – Tuesday October 22 7pm
I’ll be sharing stories and presenting a show-and-tell about my experiences while co-writing my book about Rocky Horror.





Our Tours:

The Tragical History Tour – Daily

Horrific Homicide Tour – Saturday Nights Sep 21, Oct 12, 7pm
Awful GRUESOME stories about plain old sickos and their DEMENTED CRIMES.  Not for the faint of heart.  Seriously.  PG13. Tickets.

Nasty Nellie Oleson tour with Alison Arngrim  – September 1 (hey!  That’s this Sunday!)
TV Icon Alison Arngrim will show you around Hollywood in the way only a local in show business can – and this brat can talk smack!  (in the nicest possible way). Tickets.

James Dean’s Last Ride – Sunday September 29
A whole day devoted to the original Rebel.  Retracing Jimmy’s last ride from his last home to his crash spot… and all the spots along the way.

Karen CarpenTour – Sunday February 2, 2020
We LOVE Karen.  Her homes, hangouts, funeral and final resting spot. Tickets!



Our Weekend Walking Tours  (Starting from Hollywood Boulevard)

Our Superstar / Historian Brian Donnelly has procured these fascinating representations o
Hollywood like no one ever before.

Once Upon a Tour in Hollywood 
Take a walking tour back into 1969 and the movie locations from Quentin Tarantino’s film.
Sept 7, 21, Oct 5, 19, Nov 2, 16, 30,  Dec 14, 28. Tickets.

Hollywood History and Haunts
The infamous ghosts of Hollywood – with a good overview of the legendary locales.  Rated G. Fridays 6pm . Tickets!

Behind the Boulevard
There is nothing like this.  One block off The Walk of Fame and even more fantastic!  Great stories literally OFF the beaten path.  Hollywood crimes, scandals and history!  Sundays 6pm
Get tickets here.

*All guests are equipped with wireless (not bluetooth) receivers and headphones – or feel free bring your own
All of these tours can be booked by calling 855-600-DEAD or visiting this page:  Dearly Departed Tours
If you would like to receive the Dearly Departed Tours newsletter, please visit the Dearly Departed website and scroll to the bottom of the page. The email sign-up form is located on the bottom, right side.



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