Richard Long (from Nanny and The Professor)

December 17, 1927 – December 21, 1974 

Hello my darling children.


Richard Long
Richard Long


Richard Long, who played Professor Everett on the show.  You know, I always thought that he was gay.  This isn’t some rant from a gay person who thinks everyone is gay, but I honestly heard that many times.  He was married to an actress named Suzan Ball, who died in 1955.



At the time of his death, he was married to Marilyn Watts, so I guess I was wrong.  See?  I can admit it. verygoodfriend Tami Dingle writes me:  “As you probably know (I didn’t), she was a second cousin to Lucille Ball. She was under contract to Universal when she had a torrid affair with the married (and much older) Anthony Quinn. She developed a tumor in her knee after banging it hard several times (this also happened to a friend of mine and he died too). After tons of treatments and a lot of pain, she eventually had her leg amputated and used her new artificial leg to walk down the aisle to marry Richard. She continued acting although the cancer spread. She sounds like she was quite the trooper and well-liked. Apparently her last words were “Tony”, referring to Mr. Quinn.”  Thanks Tami.  Great stuff.

January 9, 2002 friend RNeill writes in:  Your biography of Richard Long breezes over the fact he was “married to Marilyn Watts” at the time of his death.

Marilyn Watts is the real name of 1950’s glamour girl and B-movie star Mara Corday.

He was living in this beautiful home in Encino.



I tried to get better pics, but the neighbors clocked me so I jammed. As if they didn’t know that such a great star lived on that street. For shame. Anyway, here’s the garage.




Richard actually died on December 21st, 1974, at 1:50 a.m. in the Medical Centre of Tarzana, which I don’t have photographs of. Heart attack.  He was cremated at Grandview Crematory, and I am told his ashes are there, but have yet to see proof.

Richard was 47 years old.


Richard Long's Death Certificate


I have no final disposition information or funeral info for that matter, on either of these men. I’ve been sitting on these pictures for ages, and decided to get put them up. If anyone else has any input to share, please do!

I owe a debt of gratitude to Bob Siler and Roger Sinclair, for obituary info on Trent.

You guys are the best – S.



And whatever became of David Doremus (Hal) and Kim Richards (Prudence)?  Enquiring minds want to know.  OKAY – I’ve gotten a lot of input about Kim’s whereabouts – she’s retired and has 4 kids.  I felt filthy some reason, exploring some of those websites – obsessed with Kim.  It was all very innocent – but sorta creepy.  HA!  I just realized what I was saying?  Do you think anyone feels that way about Findadeath?  HRR! friend Linda Dodd-Lawhorn sends us this:  Kim Richards is the aunt of Nicky and Paris Hilton, who are famous here in the States for being mega-rich Hilton Hotel heiresses who dress scantily and party every night.

Thanks Linda.  Sounds like a tough job.  Makes Libby Jagger sound almost legit.



This is what I know about the little annoying Kimmy. The last I saw of her was in a really good bad movie (one of my personal top ten list) called Tuff Turf. It stared James Spader (tasty) and Robert Downey Jr (yum). You have got to see this film to believe how bad it is. Spader’s family moves from New England to California because of falling on hard times.  (That’s what I would do) His father is now a taxi driver studying for his real estate license and mother bitches a lot and looks lovingly on other brother. (Shades of Ordinary People, I digress)…Kimmy is the tough girl Spader falls and fights for. Downey has all the great lines. Last time I saw the film it was in BETA. Some good music too!!! Take care, Katy

Thanks Katy.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one.



DAVID DOREMUS update (sortof.).  I’ve gotten a few of these emails – this one is from Donna Leaf:

“David Doremus actually had a post-“Nanny” career. He had a recurring role on The Waltons for 5 years as Mary Ellen’s erstwhile boyfriend, G.W. Haines. The role ended when the character was written off as having been killed in a training accident during W.W. II.”



Thank you everybody!



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  • October 25, 2022 at 10:57 pm

    Also, Richard Long played Jarrod in The Big Valley alongside Lee Majors (Steve Austin on Million Dollar Man) and Linda Evans (Kystle Carrington on Dynasty) as well as Peter Breck, not to mention the superstar of her day,, Barbara Stanwick.

  • May 25, 2022 at 5:36 am

    I remember him from an episode of the “Twilight Zone”. I love that show. In the episode, No one knows him anymore. Like he never existed. Wife, Calls his mom, Guess what?. IT’S ME! ITS YOUR SON! Nope. It’s sad he died so young.

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