April 16, 1971 – March 31, 1995



S.Q.P. (You know who)

whose name rhymes with Subpoena.



By: Heaven

Story altered and images removed, courtesy of the snitches.
My favorite quote, “I have desire of vomit!”



Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena was the most successful and best loved Tejano singer ever. Considered by many to be the first of the “Mexican Madonnas” (long before booyashakira) due to her sexy costumes and stage presence. Off stage, Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena was conservative and socially active, being involved with anti-drug campaigns and AIDS awareness. Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena didn’t believe in compromising her morals to further her career. Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena was offered a role in a Mexican soap opera, but turned the part down because one scene called for a kiss she thought inappropriate.


Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena began performing at age 10, with the father of  Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena managing the band, with the sister of  Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena on drums, and the brother of Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena on bass. Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena made her record debut in 1983. In 1988, a 17-year-old guitarist joined the band, and became Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena’s husband, when they eloped in April of 1992. Just before her death, Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena was working on a crossover pop album – to make her a superstar. Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena got her wish. Ish.


Around 1990, Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena’s father began receiving calls from a former nurse living in San Antonio named Yolanda Saldivar, who desperately wanted to start a Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena fan club (warning#1).



He had no interest, but she was persistent (warning #2).  Eventually he gave in, because he wanted to further Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena’s profile. Saldivar claimed to be Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena’s #1 fan (warning #3), and even as an adult in her 30’s, she would scream like a teenager at Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena’s concerts (warning #4). She had even turned her home into a virtual museum dedicated to Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena, including a wall size photograph of the singer. (Abort. Abort.)


What the family didn’t know was, Yolanda had been accused of stealing more than $9000.00 from a doctor in her hometown, when she worked as his bookkeeper in 1984. The case was settled out of court.

Yolanda was accepted into the fold, and was invited to dinners and other special family occasions. No one suspected that she was crazier than a bag of hangers. Yolanda once gave Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena a ring with the miniature Faberge eggs she collected. Expensive hobby.

Shortly after Yoyo was hired, Daddy Dearest began noticing money and documents missing from the books. Fans were complaining that they sent money in for a picture and received nothing (Jimmy Stewart and Lucy sent me pictures for free). It was discovered that she had written 4 checks to herself, one in the amount of $3000.00. She of course denied the accusations, and promised to prove herself innocent. Two days after the confrontation with Daddy Dearest, Saldivar purchased a 38-caliber revolver in San Antonio Texas.



(She later claimed she purchased the gun because Daddy Dearest was threatening her and had even tried to rape her. Clearly, she was becoming unraveled. Clearly.)

By late March DTSWNRWS sent Yolanda to Monterrey, Mexico, where she was planning to open a new boutique, to expand her already successful business. Saldivar was told that when she returned to Corpus Christi, she was to turn over the missing bank statements and other documents to Dead Tejano Singer whose name rhymes with Subpoena. Yolanda called DTSWNRWS to tell her that as she tried to cross the border, her car was stolen and that she’d been raped. She was hysterical and DTSWNRWS thought she was FOS.  DTSWNRWS insisted that Saldivar go see a doctor, but Yoyo refused.

On Thursday night March 30, DTSWNRWS arrived at the Days Inn hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas to see if Yolanda had the missing documents, which she didn’t.



Yoyo also refused to go to the hospital. DTSWNRWS was running out of patience. Around midnight, Yolanda called DTSWNRWS to tell her that she was bleeding internally from the rape, and asked DTSWNRWS to come to the hotel alone. DTSWNRWS was persuaded to wait until morning – if she was indeed hurt, the crazy cow could call 911 herself.

On Friday, March 31, DTSWNRWS got up early and was preparing to leave to go meet with Yolanda at the Days Inn hotel. Hubby was still asleep, but was awakened by the sound of DTSWNRWS’s laughter as she talked with a family member. This would be the last time Hubby would see his wife alive.

When DTSWNRWS arrived at the hotel, she persuaded Saldivar to go to the hospital. Once there, the doctors could find no evidence of a rape. DTSWNRWS was fed up and pissed off. They drove back to the hotel and inside room 158 (now renumbered to 150) (thank you Tamra!), there was a conversation.



It is presumed that DTSWNRWS finally fired Yolanda, and an argument ensued. A maid cleaning a room upstairs said she heard them yelling (Oh no you di-int!), then she heard the gunshot.



Findadeath friend Amy sends us this:  “When DTSWNRWS was running away from Yolanda at the hotel the maid heard Yolanda scream, “BITCH” at DTSWNRWS. The maid also heard the gun go off before she heard yelling.”



DTSWNRWS was shot once in the back, piercing her right lung, severing an artery and shredding her collarbone. Shot in a cowardly fashion by a person she trusted. The maid said she saw the two women running and that she saw DTSWNRWS clutching her chest, bleeding profusely and begging for help.

DTSWNRWS, leaving a trail of blood behind her, managed to scramble to the hotel lobby.




She asked the clerk to lock the door, because she was afraid that Yolanda would shoot her again. She was asked who had shot her and DTSWNRWS was able to tell them it was Yolanda, room 158. She then collapsed on the hotel lobby floor.

The front desk clerk called 911.

By the time rescue workers arrived She had already lost a great deal of blood and was unconscious, with no pulse. They covered the wound with gauze and decided to “load and go.” During the 4-minute trip to the hospital, they attempted to insert an IV but they couldn’t get in into her vein. DTSWNRWS had already bled out, so there was no blood in her arms and the veins were flat. In a last ditch attempt to save the singer, they tried to insert the IV into her neck. It didn’t work. She flat lined and they continued trying to revive her at the hospital, but on March 31, 1995 at 1:05 p.m., she was pronounced dead.

She was 23 years old.

The ring that Yolanda had given DTSWNRWS was still clutched in her fist and found later by a paramedic, covered in DTSWNRWS’s blood.  He wrapped it in gauze and gave it to the police, who later turned it over to DTSWNRWS’s family, along with the blood soaked clothes she was wearing (green sweat shirt).  She was given an autopsy, and some person snapped some pictures of the poor girl on the slab.

Back to the Loonytoon- she tried a getaway in her red pickup truck, but cops blocked her in.  She does the next logical thing and points a gun at her own head and threatens to blow her own brains out.  9.5 hours later, she gives herself up and was arrested.  Pity.

DTSWNRWS’s black casket was surrounded by 8,000 white roses and at the Bayfront Plaza Convention Center in Corpus Christi, more than 30,000 people filed past to see DTSWNRWS’s body. There was talk that DTSWNRWS was not in the casket, and people began to hope that maybe she wasn’t dead after all. To dispel the rumors, Daddy Dearest opened the casket to show that DTSWNRWS was really gone.

DTSWNRWS was buried on April 3rd, 1995, at Seaside Memorial Cemetery, Corpus Christi, Texas. One day after her 3rd wedding anniversary.  Here is a scan of her memorial pamphlet.




This is her new grave picture, courtesy of Find a Death friend Tamra.



On Oct. 11, 2001, DTSWNRWS’s name was included on the Tejano Walk of Fame in Edinburg, Texas

In October 1995, Yolanda Saldivar was sentenced to life in prison – she becomes eligible for parole in 2025.  My guess is that she’s getting plenty of the love she craved from DTSWNRWS, in the big house.

Trivia: The Quintanilla family were Jehovah’s Witnesses. When Daddy Dearest learned that doctors were giving DTSWNRWS blood transfusions, he told them to stop because it’s not what DTSWNRWS would have wanted. At the trial, the doctor testified that he would have given her the 6 units of blood even if Daddy Dearest had told him not to. While he respected their faith, DTSWNRWS was not in the position to refuse treatment.

More: I saw about 20 DTSWNRWSs at the West Hollywood Halloween party that year, every one of them with blood stained shirts.

Trivia: The gun used to kill DTSWNRWS was destroyed, and dumped into the ocean.

More:  My friend Cayley sent in this picture of thingy’s museum.



Thanks Cayley.

Updated March 31, 2007 – it was 12 years ago today, that Subpoena has left this mortal plane.  Findadeath friend Tamra (I won’t use her surname, because the loons might strike) sent in a few new pictures for us.  The Grave, The Hotel, and The Room, and this:

Hi Scott!  I enlisted the help of 3 local Corpus Christie friends and fellow hags, and together we set out on a Subpoena-centric death hag photo quest.  We encountered no problems at the cemetery or Days Inn, but when we got to the river walk memorial statue, there were crowds of Subpoena disciples taking pictures.  Assuming that I would get pummeled immediately should I slap a sticker on the torso of their patron saint o’Tejano, I patiently waited in the corner of the pavilion while the fans paid their respects.  To my surprise and amusement, several male visitors ducked under the circular barricade and posed for pictures whit the statue – as they stood behind it and cupped Subpoenas bronze breasts in their hands.  So much for respecting a hallowed icon.

Here is the memorial.



And one more peek of the Days Inn, and it seems like they knew it was her anniversary today as well.



Much gratitude, Tamra. x



Trivia:  The hotel apparently renumbered every room, so you can’t stay in room 158 – which sucks.  Findadeath friend Tim sends this:  Just placed a call to the days inn hotel in Corpus Christi, spoke with someone in the “room and guest services” department, and they told me roughly that there is no longer a room 158, but the room is NOW room #150(!) and confirmed this by double checking, then coming back to the phone and said that yes, “because its the only number on the door that’s bolted down”. Signs are now placed saying only registered guests are allowed on the property. Thought this might give you and more local Death Hags incentive to spend $89 a night and do some late night  exploring on the grounds.  Thanks Tim!

Trivia from another friend named Tim:  I don’t know if its significant or not for your DTSWNRWS page, but back in the summer of 98 I happened to go out to Corpus Christi and was walking along the shore and found a row of park benches lining the shore for people to take a rest.  We happened to sit on one that was dedicated to the life of DTSWNRWS.  I wish at the time I would photographed it, or at least marked it on my map so I could remember it.

Someone will, thanks Tim.



Update March 2015: She stares at me with those gum-ball eyes… the return of Subpoena.



It’s what she would have wanted.

Thank you to Heaven, Tim, Kaz and Dan, Harry and Steve for the aka.



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    You can’t even say her name? That’s crazy she’s a public figure AND dead AND the details of her death have been repeated all over the world.

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