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Dearly Departed Newsletter – 10/10/2020


Hi friends.

I hope you’re all happy and healthy.

We’ve done a few private tours recently and it’s been a lot of fun. The people have been great and I think we’ve adapted well to living in a Clorox Wipe world.

Being made redunant physically doesn’t mean that I’ve been laid to rest virtually.  I’m still managing to pump out streams of videos which I hope you’ll enjoy.

First is a woman from my hometown of Detroit, former founding member of The Supremes, Florence Ballard.  Florence, in my opinion, got a raw deal.  It’s easy to get nasty about it, but ultimately it doesn’t matter now and Flo is laid to rest in Detroit Memorial Park.  Here is my tribute to Florence and her Detroit history.



Speaking of Tragic Superheroes – and who doesn’t, ladies and germs?  This one is an wild story.  Christopher Dennis is the man who donned a Superman costume and strolled around Hollywood for years to meet people and take photographs with fans.  95% of the people who do this on Hollywood Blvd. are vile, but Chris was a good-hearted man who unfortunately lost his way and ended up dead in a clothing donation bin.  Well, halfway in the bin.  If that sounds awful, and well, it is.  The entire story is told here.



Last week marked the 65th anniversary of James Dean’s deathaversary. For the past few years my friend Patrick and I would host a tour bringing fans to retrace Jimmy’s last day. Because the world is f*cked, Patrick and I picked up our pal Warren Beath (author of The Death of James Dean) and friend Brandy and did the Jimmy trek ourselves. It was a great day to be with Deaners.


Scott, Patrick, Warren and Brandy on the road Jimmy drove over, seconds before his death.


My last venture into exploitation is with someone who is actually still alive, Heidi Fleiss. I reached out to Heidi because I am interested in her short-lived clothing stores around LA, Heidiwear. One of those locations still has a security door with her name on it and it got my curiosity going.


Photo: Donna Lethal


I reached out to Heidi and was able to score an interview.  It was a great conversation – she’s very fun to talk to.  She spends her time and resources now helping macaws: those amazing parrots who she has sort of… adopted.  She speaks about her career as the Hollywood Madam, her time in prison, her infamous “little black book,” and her passion to protect and celebrate the birds.  Here is the video.



On Halloween Night our psychic-medium friend Jill Morris is hosting an Virtual Halloween Party / Fundraising event to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.  In a normal world we would be hosting this at Dearly Departed Tours, but because we are fairly doomed it’s online.  I’ll be a guest with Elisa Jordan from LA Woman Tours plus others.  It’ll be a fun evening that you can enjoy from your sweaty computer chair.  Guests are encouraged to wear costumes and tickets are available here.  It’s a good cause.



I guess that’s my trash for the week. Be good to yourselve stave yourselves from nastiness.

Scott and the Dearly Departed Tours Team

Our museum is closed, but our online shop is still open. Those awful tragical trinkets can still be acquired!



Scott and the Dearly Departed Team




Free Entertainment.  You heard me.


Oh and please follow us because it’s supposed to be very important.




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