The Jaws of Summer

Dearly Departed Newsletter – 09/05/2020


Hello from the land of heatwaves, earthquakes and fires.  We’re still here… esque.  It’s Labor Day weekend here in the US which is the symbolic end of summer.  Wasn’t it great.

It’s been a few weeks so here’s what’s been going on.

Early August is typically busy at Dearly Departed Tours because the anniversary of the Tate-LaBianca murders is a big deal for us.  This year was been all quiet on the western front because of the cooties.  Instead of going to El Coyote Mexican Restaurant on August 8 like in years past, I got takeout, sat my fat ass on the sofa and watched The Movie. (By the way, if you’re local please stop by El Coyote and pick up some takeout Mexican food. They have been phenomenal friends to us over the years and are good people. Like a lot of small businesses, they could use some business.)



This year … crickets.  You know us by now, so you know we don’t “celebrate” what happened in 1969 – but it’s absolutely an “occasion” for us.  The victims are often overshadowed by the murderers, who have weirdly become anti-heroes for some people.  Because of this, lately I’ve been creating videos about who some of these victims were in life. They were more than names in newspapers or gruesome photos on the internet.  I’ve already done a vlog on the Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, and shortly afterwards I posted one about Steven Parent who is certainly the least talked about victim.  The kid was only 18.



I created a video about Jay Sebring, who was the second most famous victim after Sharon Tate.  Jay wasn’t so much famous for himself,  but his A-list clients made him an insider with very famous friends. Sinatra, Rock Hudson, Paul Newman, Sammy… they were all clients.  At the time of his death, he well on his way to establishing a men’s hair care empire, but it didn’t.




Today we release Episode #23 of The Dearly Departed Podcast.  This time Mike and I delve into the film JAWS.  I was the 13 year old kid who lined up around the block to see this film a dozen times back in 1975, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. We tackle some of the weirder stories about the film and it’s actors – and the conspiracies within.  Did you know that there is a theory that one of the extras was murdered?  She’s known as The Lady in the Dunes.  It’s a wild story started by Stephen King’s son about this still-unidentified murder victim who has a resemblence to a particular female extra.  It’s fascinating.



Have a listen to or a watch of our prattlings.




We are back doing tours – under very specific circumstances.  We follow all of the guidelines with regard to disinfucting, masks and distance to the driver.  We can only do private tours – 1 group, one transaction.  The cost varies by tour, but it’s the cost of 6 tickets.   For now that means if you buy 6 tickets, you get the entire vehicle – up to 10 passengers.  That’s one group, one single transaction.  We can’t mix groups.  If you are interested – drop us a line.



I took some the old Hollywood matchbooks I’ve collected… back to where the restaurants and bars of old Hollywood used to be.  Don the Beachcomber, the Villa Capri, The Cat & Fiddle, The Tik Tok restaurant, Sardis… It was great to chase down the locations no matter how vile they are today.  I hope you enjoy it.



Scott and the Dearly Departed Tours Team

Our museum is closed, but our online shop is still open. Those awful tragical trinkets can still be acquired!



Scott and the Dearly Departed Team



Free Entertainment.  You heard me.


Oh and please follow us because it’s supposed to be very important.






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  • October 10, 2020 at 9:19 am

    I am so glad you are safe and relatively healthy. I really like your site alot. So informative and your funny spin on things make it even moreso. Someday I plan on visiting and taking a tour. Thanks so much for what you do.

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