Bernard “Bert” Whalen Convy

July 23, 1933 – July 15, 1991


Bert Convy
Bert Convy


Bert Convy was the host of such ditties as: Tattletales, Win, Lose or Draw, Super Password, and even subbed for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.

His was born Bernard Whalen Convy in St. Louis, MO.

In April of 1990, Bert had been admitted to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, after collapsing, during a visit with his mother. After examination, Bert had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was not given long to live – he lasted 15 months.

Mr. Convy had been married for nearly 30 years to a woman named Anne, but they had separated in 1987 and were going through a rather difficult divorce. In the meantime, dying Bert had met another woman named Catherine Hills, who was 25 years old to his 57. Bert begged his first wife to give him the divorce, and he promised not to contest it  He wanted to marry the new woman (Catherine) he loved. Anne agreed, and Bert married Catherine in February of 1991. Phew.

Bert’s illness progressed. He had been operated on twice for the tumor, and spent months in various hospitals. When there was no hope left, he spent his last three months at his Brentwood Village home. He lived on a street called Crescenda, and their house number, was 11737. Not a great view of the house, but here’s a view up the driveway.

His heart eventually stopped working at 5:20pm, on Monday, July 15th, 1991. Bert’s new wife was at his side. Three children from his first marriage, Jennifer, Joshua, and John also survived him. It was one week before his 58th birthday.


Bert Convy's Death Certificate
Bert Convy’s Death Certificate


His funeral took place on July 18th, at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills. It was attended by Burt Reynolds, his then wife Loni Anderson, Sally Struthers, Dom DeLuise, Tom Poston, Convy’s wife, kids and ailing mother.


View his grave.


A very big Find a Death thank you to Marla Brooks for tagging along with me, to grab those photo’s of Bert’s house, and to Terri Rios, for her Cedars Sinai photos



Trivia:  Bert Convy appeared on several episodes of The Partridge Family as Shirley’s somewhat serious beau 🙂  This was send it by Find a Death friend, Sue.  Thanks Sue!  How in the world could I have forgotten that one?



Bert Convy was also in a group called ‘The Cheers” that had hits (minor ones) in the mid 50’s like ‘Black Denim Trousers” and “Bazoom- I Need Your Lovin’.”

Thanks to Ed Rupp for that tidbit.



Find a Death friend Ellen sends this in:

I was touched by your thorough & compassionate coverage of Bert Convy (famous for…being famous, I guess?), & I wanted to add another late-career appearance he made. It was on Showtime’s “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” & he was cute & funny as Garry’s neighbor who acted as a host of the at-home version of “Win, Lose or Draw,” playing a spirited game with some late-night partygoers IN HIS BATHROBE.

Thanks, Ellen!



3 thoughts on “Bernard “Bert” Whalen Convy

  • May 20, 2023 at 12:50 pm

    Did either of his wives ever remarry? He always seemed to be an optimistic, positive and very attractive man. I was surprised that he asked for a divorce from Anne to marry Catherine shortly before his death. He had always spoken highly of Anne, they’d always seemed happy when contestants on Tattletales, and had been married for three decades. I wonder if the brain tumor was a relevant factor.

  • October 22, 2022 at 12:02 am

    In one of his 1st movie roles was as a undercover cop in the satire “A Bucket of Blood” along side Dick Miller..He was investigating “WEED” being sold in a popular spot..I wont tell you anything…watch it, it is pretty good (bad, well it was directed by Roger Corman)

  • January 5, 2020 at 9:24 am

    Bert was also a very good singer. Search on YouTube for ‘Bert Convy sings 1978’ for a video of him singing a Kenny Rogers song.

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